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Are Merrell winter hiking boots any good? Are they warm enough? 

As winter varies between regions and countries, winter boots also vary significantly in terms of insulation and weather protection. If you're considering buying a Merrell boot that you can use for winter hiking, keep reading. Here, we'll discuss the top features, limitations, and proper care of Merrell boots.

Best Merrell winter hiking boots for men and women - top features


Best Merrell winter hiking boots - May 2020


If there's one thing that most people will agree about Merrell Moab winter boots, it's that they are really comfortable. The brand is known for making some of the most comfortable hiking footwear for all seasons. Aside from using high-quality materials, the company has developed several technologies that promote comfort on the trail, such as propriety supportive footbeds, cushiony midsoles with shock absorption, and flexible outsoles.

Grip and traction

Most Merrell winter hiking boots have a grippy outsole that delivers good traction on wet ice. They also have aggressive lugging (deep lugs) that can bite into different surfaces, including packed snow, mud, and rocks. Some models, such as the Moab FST Ice+ Thermo, are equipped with Vibram outsoles specifically developed for snow and ice.

Protective uppers

Winter hiking can be challenging for many reasons, such as water intrusion, sharp objects, uneven ground, slippery trails, etc. Merrell winter hiking boots are made with durable uppers either made of textile or leather. Thus, they offer a good level of resistance against abrasion. In addition to the insulation, some models have a fleece lining while others integrate a heat-reflecting technology for added warmth and comfort. Also, these boots have a waterproof membrane for keeping the feet dry. 

Versatile designs

Snow boots from Merrell also vary in style. But generally, they are sleeker and more stylish compared to traditional winter boots. Some models flaunt a smooth leather upper with a clean-cut design. Other winter hiking boots from Merrell are more sporty-looking, making them great for activities on and off the trail. 

Merrell winter hiking boots: limitations

While Merrell winter hikers can make your trip to the trail warm and comfortable, these shoes aren't for terrains with freezing temps. It's essential to check the level of insulation to determine whether they suit the climate and terrain you will use them on. Merrell hiking boots have just about 100 - 200 grams of insulation. Generally, this amount is enough to walk outside or stay active. If you have poor circulation or you're going on hikes at extremely high altitudes, you may opt for insulated hiking boots with at least 400 grams of insulation.

Furthermore, wearing a good pair of socks is important. Consider thermal socks or wool socks to achieve the warmth you desire. Additionally, you can invest in a heated insole. Some insoles can provide up to 8 hours of heat. But then, you should take extra precautions when using them as they can be uncomfortable or cause burns when not used properly.