Merrell All Out Blaze hiking shoes

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Merrell All Out Blaze hiking shoes

“Powerful in a snappy package” just might be the most accurate description for every pair of Merrell All Out Blaze hiking shoes. Greater mobility with a heightened sense of security is the name of the game in these ballsy hikers.

Another thing that you might be quite spot-on about is your impression of RunRepeat being the best place to be for getting top-quality hiking shoes. And you are right—on us, you will get more for less!

All Out Blaze hiking shoes: A Merrell collection for the fast and the fearless

Trail-specific shoes from Merrell have always put front and center the hiker’s unmitigated performance in great comfort. With the All Out Blaze hiking shoes, you will get all that plus enhanced speed.

Most of these hiking shoes are part of our lightweight kicks list. With an average weight of about 290 g per shoe, All Out Blaze hikers are laser-focused on helping you surmount tricky trail challenges at half the time.

Whether your hikes happen around water or you need a pair that can match the speed freak in you, these stand-out kicks are bound to impress. And remember: you can snag these shoes at discounted prices right in this space.

Merrell All Out Blaze hiking shoes vs. your wallet

Trail shoes from this roster are as impressive outdoors as they are inexpensive. Humble contributors to our fine selection of budget-priced offerings, All Out Blaze hiking shoes cost no more than $120. Of course, their MSRPs bow down to our price-busting deals and promos!