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    Nike Air Max 95 - Yellow/Blue-Pink (CZ9170700)
    $180 $139 Save 23%
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Men's yellow sneakers

If you want to add some positive vibes to your everyday ensemble, then try incorporating a dash of color in your kicks. And you know what? Yellow sneakers will do that effortlessly. After all, yellow is a warm, soft, and at the same time, exciting hue that oozes with positivity.

Now, if you think that looking for a pair of yellow kicks is going to be a nightmare, think again. Shoe shopping has never been this easy, all thanks to RunRepeat's scannable and readable product pages and comprehensive guides, plus user-friendly filters.

70+ yellow sneakers for men

Going through all 70+ sneakers is going to be hard. But, thanks to our filters, you'll easily find what you want in just a few clicks. 

Here, you can choose from over 15 brands. Shoes from powerhouse names like Nike and Adidas are plenty, but apart from that, you can also find a great selection of sneakers from underrated brands like Vans and Skechers.

Besides providing you with over a dozen brand options, we also included the most sought out styles. Whether you like the old-school vibe of retro kicks or the fuss-free look of minimalist sneakers, we've got you covered.

Guys who are looking for budget-friendly shoes are also in for a treat. Because here, you'll get to see a handful of good-looking yet affordable sneakers.