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Wide walking shoes for men

Brands producing walking shoes tend to be fixated on the comfort and practicality of footwear above anything else. That’s why they quite often release their shoes in multiple widths. For instance, 46% of all men’s walking shoes in our catalog are available in the Wide version.

The absolute leaders on this front are New Balance and Skechers.

Men’s walking shoes from New Balance tend to have a “dad-shoe” vibe to them. These are rather bulky and stable trainers with leather uppers that look as if they just came out of the 90s. Skechers shoes, on the other hand, have a more athletic look and could be easily taken for running shoes.

Men’s wide shoes for special needs

Apart from serving gentlemen with larger foot dimensions, a good number of wide walking shoes are also designed to accommodate various foot conditions.

There are wide men’s walking shoes with added arch support to help people with flat feet and overpronation. They are constructed to prevent the foot from excessively rolling inwards. Some shoes can also be recommended for plantar fasciitis, thanks to their well-supported underfoot build.

Finally, wider shoes are also recommended for men with diabetes. We have a collection of Medicare-approved shoes that are meant to help with this condition.

Great men’s walking shoes in Wide for a great price 

Men’s walking shoes in Wide width can cost you anywhere between $70 to $140. So, you have the option to go for a cheap walking shoe or pay the extra to get a more premium-level model. Either way, RunRepeat is here to help you get a bargain on both.

Scouring through over 200 online shops, our algorithm picks up the best deals for every men’s walking shoe in every width. Some discounts can even reach 60% of the original price!