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Men's white basketball shoes

Basketball shoes for men come in a variety of colorways, and some of these iterations even come with elaborate narratives. Kevin Durant, for example, releases pink basketball shoes in honor of his Aunt Pearl who died of cancer. LeBron James regularly releases shoes with green accents to honor his high school.

Even with a wide variety of color options, men's white basketball shoes are still popular. Professional players and ordinary buyers alike seem to love the elegant unadulterated look of white kicks. This preference for white footwear might be due to the fact that the NBA once had a rule that required an athlete’s shoes and jersey to be of the same colors. With this rule, white shoes had to be worn with white jerseys, which happened to be the traditional "home" color of every NBA team.

Choosing suitable white basketball shoes for men

Given their popularity, it's not surprising that Nike, Adidas, Under Armour, and other brands continue to flood the market with white basketball shoes for men. There are just so many choices that choosing the most suitable one can be such a challenge. Our detailed buying guide provides step-by-step guidance on how to choose basketball shoes.

We also consolidate and summarize all reviews about a specific white shoe. You read these summaries on our product pages, which also contain links to alternatives should you decide that a shoe doesn't suit your taste.

We also help you find basketball shoes for less. We survey all online retailers within our network, and the ones with the cheapest offers are put on top of our price lists.