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Men’s waterproof running shoes

When pouring rain and deep puddles are not enough reasons for you to skip a run, then you can’t go without waterproof running shoes. Not to be confused with water-resistant shoes, waterproof runners are made to keep you fully protected from getting soaked.

All the types of men’s waterproof running shoes

The greater part of men’s waterproof shoes belongs to the trail running category. These shoes are ready to sustain mud, slush, wet grass, rain showers, and more to keep your feet dry no matter what.

There is also a good number of waterproof road running shoes. These are often the more reinforced versions of their breathable counterparts.

Those who are after the most premium waterproofing material out there can check out the Gore-Tex-lined running shoes.

The vast majority of men’s waterproof running shoes are meant for daily training.

Popular brands of waterproof running shoes for men

We’ve gathered shoes from over 20 brands to help you find the right option for your running needs. Here you will find Salomon, the king of protective running shoes, waterproof ones included. We also feature the highly-rated Adidas Terrex and other weatherproof models from Adidas. Road and trail running GTX shoes from Asics and Nike are included into our catalog as well, along with many more brands.

Waterproof running shoes for men are not the cheap kind. The original asking price for these hovers around $150. But the good news is that you can find discounts up to 50% on Runrepeat thanks to our affiliate partnerships with over 200 online shops.