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Men's Under Armour basketball shoes

Nike and Adidas have always been at the forefront when it comes to basketball shoes. However, Under Armour shook things up in the basketball shoe world when it snatched budding NBA star Stephen Curry from Nike in 2013. Since then, the very much celebrated Golden State Warriors point guard had helped his team snatch three NBA championships. This series of successes catapulted Steph and Under Armour to basketball fame.

Stephen Curry and LeBron James are often pitted against each other. This is quite expected since it was their teams that battled in the Finals for four years straight. Consequently, Stephen Curry's signature shoes are also often pitted against Nike's well-advertised signature releases for LeBron James. Though both lines are a series of high-tops, Nike and Under Armour also release their low-top versions.

UA basketball shoes for men: Choosing the right one for you

As any other significant player in the basketball shoe market, Under Armour is continuously making efforts to expand its portfolio. Aside from Stephen Curry, the brand has also signed in the likes of Joel Embiid. It won't be long before buyers will also be bombarded with Under Armour basketball shoes for men. 

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