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    KEEN Pyrenees - Black Iris Fossil Orange (1026010)
    KEEN Pyrenees - Drizzle/Black Iris (1024654)
    KEEN Pyrenees - Dark Olive Forest Night (1026011)
    KEEN Pyrenees - Brown (1004156)
    KEEN Pyrenees - Black (1026585)
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Men's KEEN hiking boots

Slip into a pair of men’s KEEN hiking boots and cut through whatever the trail throws at you. Yes, while you got one of these on, you’re destined to up your manly game and show your co-adventuring homies how it’s done in the wild.

And while you’re here, we’d like to remind you that you can snag KEEN hiking boots for men without breaking the bank. Indeed, with our help and deals on exemplary hiking footwear, you can go lower than the market’s MSRP.

More than enough men's KEEN hiking boots at your disposal

Variety has always been part of KEEN’s collection. And if over 20 pairs of these amazing kicks are anything to go by, this lineup has a lot in store for you.

At first glance, you’d get the impression that these kicks mean business on and off the trail. Indeed, most offerings from this expanding catalog have the full capacity to cut through almost anything out in the wild. So, if you’re into backpacking boots, KEEN’s selection is beyond satisfactory.

If you need something mighty in the snow, this space is for you. Many kicks from KEEN are also fully waterproof, so if you’re into wet-weather escapades, browse around here to your heart’s content.

Men's KEEN hiking boots and your budget

On the pricing scale, KEEN hiking boots for men cover a broad range. Within the budget-friendly range, which is anywhere between $100 and $130, more than a handful are available. Pricier ones are more feature-rich, most of which come in full leather with a waterproof liner.

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