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    Reebok Shaqnosis - Green (V61196)
    Reebok Shaqnosis - Blue (V51848)
    Reebok Shaqnosis - Yellow (FX3343)
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High-top basketball shoes for men

Men's basketball shoes are usually conceptualized as a high-top. This might be because basketball shoes commonly sported high collars before Kobe Bryant popularized the soccer-inspired low-top on the hard court in the early 2000s.

Hoop shoes for men used to have high collars most of the time because there was a belief that a high collar provided more ankle support. Recent scientific investigations, however, revealed that high-tops are no better than low-tops is clasping the ankle. The performance of players wearing high-tops vs low-tops wasn't so disparate, too.

Choosing the collar height these days is now merely driven by personal preference and aesthetics. As low-tops gain more acceptance, high-top basketball shoes for men have never lost their appeal. Both variants, plus the middle ground mid-tops, are available for men as well as for women.

Men's high-top basketball shoes for less

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