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There are only very few brands in the world that reached almost a century of market prominence the way Lowa boots did. The company was founded by Lorenz Wagner in 1923. Despite being fairly new then, the company became known for high-quality Norwegian welt-stitched shoes. Lowa mountaineering boots and trail shoes have since been known for their high quality and reliability.

The company, during the 1970s, included polyurethane injection molding systems in their manufacturing process. The company also began creating vulcanized rubber soles. They provide full moisture protection and insulation. They can also retain their shape despite being bent and flexed constantly.

Through the years and several innovations later, Lowa claimed its top spot in the outdoor sports footwear market across the world. Over 90 years since it was founded, Lowa continues to produce 100 percent made in Germany and Europe footwear.

Lowa mountaineering boots are built under the regulations of the European Union. The company was granted ISO 9001 status for quality construction and process standards. Lowa also takes pride that each shoe and boot produced in their facility offer great comfort and durability.  

Lowa mountaineering boots are among the most sought-after by mountaineers. This feat, however, didn’t happen by accident or in a snap as the brand earned the accolades in the years of its operation. Years of tradition and innovation are yielding good fruits especially with customers patronizing many Lowa products.

Benefits of wearing men's and women's Lowa mountaineering boots


Best Lowa mountaineering boots - April 2020

Lowa is known for producing high-quality mountaineering boots, hiking boots and backpacking boots. Many outdoor lovers would vouch for the quality and durability of each pair. Many Lowa fans have also been raving about these things:

Comfort and fit

Lowa mountaineering boots trace its roots back to its Norwegian welt-stitched shoe roots. The boots are made from Lowa’s shaped lasts–the foot shape wooden structure where the uppers are formed to achieve the use and features that the company intends the models to have. The lasts dictates the fit, feel, and comfort of the finished products.  

In order to make leather materials more comfortable to the wearer, fabric or synthetic footwear lining is also added. Aside from comfort, this also dissipates heat and moisture, resists abrasion, and has a pleasant feel to the skin. 


The production and testing process that Lowa mountaineering boots go through is rigorous. As a result, their products pass different durability tests satisfactorily. As a matter of fact, Lowa is the only outdoor footwear company to have been awarded the ISO 9001 status for the best practices in development, production, and sales of their outdoor, military, and safety footwear.  


To ensure that Lowa mountaineering boots are durable, the company uses high-quality materials. The upper and lining materials are exclusively used by the brand for their products and are sourced only from selected suppliers. This, coupled with the traditional and innovative techniques of the company, work together to come up with durable and dependable mountaineering boots.  


Lowa mountaineering boots are also known for using excellent quality soles that offer excellent grip and traction. Different things are considered by the company in determining the sole system to use in different models. The brand guarantees that all models use soles designed to meet the demands and needs of the wearer in different outdoor activities .


A combination of leather or synthetic uppers and weatherproofing materials are found in Lowa mountaineering boots. Many of the models use leather or synthetic uppers although the former is a favorite of the brand as evidenced by the number of leather boots it has released.

Aside from a dependable leather upper, a weatherproofing lining like Gore-Tex is likewise added to ensure that the boots are safe from water damage. Lowa also uses a leather footwear lining that can absorb water.  

Lowa mountaineering boot qualities

Mountaineering is for those who are brave enough to conquer the obstacles that nature has placed. While it may be difficult, the rewards of seeing the world above are unparalleled according to many mountaineers. But because it entails a lot of challenges, a mountaineer, aside from being fit, should also have reliable gear. In searching for Lowa mountaineering boots, consider the following:

Materials used

As mountaineering involves technical and mixed routes, it is important that you look for materials that will protect your feet from abrasions and the cold. Split grain leather is a very common material used in many Lowa mountaineering boots. This is resistant to abrasions, puncture and water. It is also more flexible compared with the other types of leather.  

A high wall rubber rand is commonly used for Lowa mountaineering boots to make them more durable and to prevent wear. Through the years, as manufacturing shoes get more complex, the rand has also become integral in making shoes more functional.  

Climbs can be very tormenting especially when the temperature gets too cold for the feet. Keeping the feet warm during climbs is a prime consideration in choosing the right gears. Lowa mountaineering boots use insulated footbeds apart from robust upper materials.

Many of Lowa mountaineering boots are also crampon compatible. The models are made with dual-density DuraPU with crampon heel shelf. Crampon compatibility is an essential trait of mountaineering boots especially that they are used for more demanding activities like rock or glacier climbing, hiking through endless icy trails, backpacking, and others. Crampons are traction devices which are attached to the boots to help tackle technical trails.

Lowa mountaineering boots are also secured by different stabilizers. For the mountaineering boots, Lowa uses either the winter hard or hard stabilizers which improve torsional rigidity and ankle stability.  

Technologies used

Lowa’s success didn’t come in an instant as this is a product of both tradition and innovation. Different technologies were incorporated in Lowa mountaineering boots. Popular models like Weisshorn GTX, Mountain Expert GTX Evo, Cevedale Pro GTX, and Alpine Pro GTX all use different technologies that improve performance and function.

One of the Lowa-exclusive technologies used in mountaineering boots is I-Lock. This simple cam lace loop is placed at the top of the foot. The system grabs and holds the lace so that the foot will be held and supported. The hook clip can easily release the clamping to loosen the instep lacing.  Other lacing technologies used are X-Lacing, Hardware Lowa Flex and open hooks, and others.

Ease of movement is necessary when walking long distances and climbing rough rocks, boulders, and ice. Technologies like the FlexFit Synchro is an asymmetrical upper construction that allows for an easier and synchronized movement of the boot’s shaft with the lower leg.  The technology makes climbing steep and glaciated terrain easier.

Lowa mountaineering boots are also equipped with insulation that keeps the wearer warm throughout the activity. The synthetic insulation provides warmth while keeping the upper water-resistant. The insulation material is breathable, lightweight, and soft. 

Another prominent technology used in some Lowa mountaineering boots is the DuraPU midsole. This technology gives efficient cushioning and stability which are needed by climbers throughout their adventure.  

Comfort is not sacrificed in Lowa mountaineering boots. Added features and technology like the C4 Tongue intensifies the comfort of each pair. The C4 Tongue is an anatomically shaped tongue for improved flex and comfort which helps keep pressure points from tormenting the wearer.

Different Vibram soles are used in many of the popular mountaineering models. They re-enforce the support that wearers experience.


Lowa, a company that has been known for its excellent products. It can be expected that the products would bear a heftier price tag than that of other brands. However, the craft and technology behind are what many of the brand’s followers are raving about. Lowa mountaineering boots are priced from $390 to $450.


With its global prominence, Lowa has seen the importance of opening retail outlets and authorized stores in different parts of the world. Aside from its Europe, USA, and Canada outlets, there are also branches in Australia, Austria, Bahrain, Benelux Countries, Belarus, and Bulgaria. A branch is open in Afghanistan for military officers.  

Lowa mountaineering boots FAQs

What can I do with my worn out Lowa mountaineering boots?

The resoling (meaning replacing the old sole) capacity of Lowa mountaineering boots depends largely on the construction method used. Most cemented soles can be resoled without a glitch. You can check the label of your boots before taking it to a specialty retailer. Shoe professionals can replace the soles of the worn out shoe, but it is advisable to refer it to a professional accredited by Lowa.

If you are certain that the boots can be resoled, take or send them to a specialty retailer and have them resoled with the original materials or with materials of the best quality. You have to be aware though that the resoling process is not covered by warranty and the cost should be shouldered by you.

How can I take the best care for my Lowa mountaineering boots?

The best way to lengthen the time of enjoying a pair of Lowa mountaineering boots is by taking good care of it. Each pair comes with care instructions, and every owner should know this by heart. It also helps to be mindful of the basics such as cleaning the boots after every use, letting these air dry, and storing these in a cool and dry place.  

Do Lowa mountaineering boots come with a warranty?

Lowa mountaineering boots are covered by a warranty of 12 months from the date of purchase. This covers factory defects. In such events, the company will shoulder all cost for repair. However, if the defect is brought by mishandling and inappropriate use, the warranty will be voided.