buy look delta indoor cycling shoes for men and women

Look Delta indoor cycling shoes

Thinking of ways to level up your performance during indoor cycling classes? Not sure if a pair of indoor bike shoes is essential? Our indoor cycling shoe guide might be of help.

If your local indoor cycling studio uses bikes with three-bolt cleat pedals, this section is for you. However, if they use bike pedals with two-bolt cleats, go to our SPD indoor cycling shoe page.

Brands that have indoor cycling shoes with Look Delta cleats

Indoor bike shoes with three-hole cleats (or Delta) might not be as common as their two-hole counterparts but are recognized to provide more efficient power transfer.  Several companies manufacture indoor bike shoes with three-hole cleats.

Some of the brands you can choose from are Giro, Pearl Izumi, and Nike. The majority of these shoes display an aesthetic that resembles the sleek design of road bike shoes.

As for colorways, classic hues such as black and white are essential as they can be paired with most workout attires.

Benefits of Look Delta indoor bike shoes

  • With bigger cleats, Look Delta shoes are easier to clip-in for beginners than its opposite smaller SPD.
  • Better connection to the bike and consequently yield greater power transfer
  • Can be used as an outdoor road cycling shoe