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Long-distance running shoes 

Generating an excellent performance in high-mileage runs requires an equally excellent running shoe. Specifically made for long-range running are the long-distance shoes. These platforms are the exact embodiment of lightness, stability, and comfort, which are very integral in yielding a winning race-day performance. 

Brands of long-distance running shoes 

Responsive and comfortable cushioning systems are a must when going the distance. Exceeding these essentials, Asics’ platforms exhibit superb protection from shock during impact. If you want more options that deliver the same goods as the Asics models, then check out New Balance's designs

Known to many, Adidas and Nike are home to some of the most innovative running shoes in the market. Satisfying racers’ demands for a featherlight supportive fit, Adidas has introduced its line of Primeknit-engineered models. On the other hand, Nike also has a good substitute for Primeknit with its roster of Flyknit shoes

If you want to take on the rugged outdoor terrains, Salomon has numerous collections that are intended for grip, durability, and shield from the coarse elements on the ground. Meanwhile, road runners can select among Brooks' long list of reliable and performance-ready on-road platforms. 

How much does it cost? 

Budget is always a consideration when purchasing that is why there are cheap offerings of long-distance shoes just as there are expensive versions. The affordable ones are usually priced at less than $100. Meanwhile, the pricey models usually range from $100 all the way up to $250.