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Leather running shoes

If you are searching for versatile leather shoes that can be used for both running and casual wear, then you’ve come to the right place. RunRepeat offers various selections of stylish leather running shoes for both men and women. 

We have partnered with 200+ retailers to help you find the best deals in just a few clicks. We also have customizable filters that you can easily use to narrow down the choices. 

Brands that offer leather running shoes

Leather is one of the most popular materials used for shoemaking due to its flexibility and durability. It can handle rigorous activities and protect the foot from cold and abrasive elements. 

Some of the major brands that manufacture classy leather shoes are Adidas and Nike. Aside from utilizing genuine leather, these companies also incorporate synthetic leather in many of their products.  

Runners who prefer minimalist shoes also rely on Merrell leather footwear. Some of their running shoes feature nubuck, pigskin, split, and full-grain leather. They also used synthetic leather in some of their shoes to accommodate those who are looking for a vegan option. 

Just like the other well-known brands, On and Puma offer quality leather running shoes with timeless designs. These shoes are also suitable for cold conditions. 

Price of leather running shoes

Leather running shoes often come with an expensive price tag, depending on the brand and model. These shoes normally range from $150 to $200, but here at RunRepeat, you can find cheaper options at around $60 to $100.  

We also compare prices and monitor discounts from our partner retailers to make your shopping experience quick and easy.