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Lake cycling shoes

Lake has been manufacturing bike shoes for a long time. The brand has been in the market since 1982, and they have committed themselves to their primary goal: to help cyclists ride comfortably to the point they forget about having shoes on.

The company houses numerous styles developed for most disciplines. So whether you practice road cycling or mountain biking, there's a suitable pair for you in this collection.

Variations of Lake bike shoes

The brand designs cycling shoes for a wide set of disciplines, from road riding to mountain biking and winter cycling. Lake MTB shoes are characterized by a slightly more rugged appearance than the shoes in other categories. This is to provide increased durability and protection needed in cycling the trails.

Lake road shoes, on the other hand, look sleeker and weighs lighter than mountain bike shoes. This is to aid the rider in faster and more comfortable long rides on the pavement. Lake's winter cycling shoes are burlier and heavier than both MTB and road shoes as it is required to provide the highest level of protection.

What makes the North American company stand out is its array of different lasts. The brand has at least 9 last designs catered to particular purposes such as mountain comfort, mountain sport, mountain competition, etc. This is to provide the most comfortable fit for every foot shape, activity, and size.

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