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Mountaineering adventures are something to look forward to. And for many mountaineers, the best gear play a great role in making this a wonderful experience. One of the most prominent brand names in the outdoor footwear industry is La Sportiva. With a full line of La Sportiva mountaineering boots, finding a reliable pair is much easier.

La Sportiva is one of the trusted brands when it comes to outdoor recreation. Since it was founded in 1928 by Narciso Delladio in Italy, it has greatly influenced the creation of reliable and durable adventure footwear.

It may be known for revolutionizing outdoor footwear, but La Sportiva traces its roots to a time when it was just manufacturing boots and clogs primarily for its farmer and lumberjack clients. The company moved on to help in the production of custom mountaineering boots for soldiers during World War II. In the 1950s, the company started producing ski boots upon the introduction of the brand name La Sportiva.

Now, 90 years since it was founded, La Sportiva is considered as a popular and dependable brand that caters to outdoor lovers. The La Sportiva logo stands. Its hiking shoes, hiking boots, backpacking boots, and mountaineering boots are widely used in Europe and America, two regions where many just can’t stop loving the world outdoors.  And since it is a well-loved brand, the good news about its reputation has caught on with other mountaineering enthusiasts from all over the world.

Benefits of wearing the best La Sportiva mountaineering boots

Best La Sportiva mountaineering boots - May 2020

La Sportiva mountaineering boots are made for outdoor activities that are more demanding. Mountaineering covers rigorous activities including hiking, climbing, backpacking, skiing, via ferrata, and others.  Needless to say, choosing an excellent pair of footwear is much needed.

Comfort and fit

There is something about La Sportiva mountaineering boots that set them apart from other brands. Made of outstanding materials, mountaineering footwear from La Sportiva is very comfortable. They are made for the demands of climbing high altitudes with below zero temperatures. The higher up a mountaineer is expected to get, the more comfort features the boots will have.


One thing that La Sportiva mountaineering boots owners look forward to is exploring more mountains with the pair they bought. With the company’s reputation for producing high-quality boots, this is something to look forward to. As their boots are a mix of dependable materials and technology, they are built to keep hikers company for many years.


Through the years, La Sportiva worked hard to make sure their mountaineering boots give wearers the right support they need when tackling technical trails. La Sportiva mountaineering boots are made of cutting-edge materials and developed using innovative technologies to satisfy the needs of users.


The mountaineering line of La Sportiva relies on technical solutions to give clients the best models offering the best grip on technical surfaces. High-quality sole systems are in place so there will be fewer worries no matter what or how slippery the surface to walk on is.


Protection is a top priority of La Sportiva. Each model is created to help mountaineers carry on with their trip. Mountain climbing is especially difficult since it entails overcoming nature’s obstacles. The gear that a person wears should be able to protect the feet against these obstacles without tiring them out too much.  

What to look for in a pair of men's and women's La Sportiva mountaineering boots

An individual’s search for the right pair of La Sportiva mountaineering boots starts in understanding the qualities to look for. Each model from the line is unique and there are several features that can make hiking easier. In your search, consider the following:

Materials used

Investing in top-of-the-line materials is one of the assets that make La Sportiva mountaineering boots worth the splurge. The type of materials can greatly affect the performance of footwear especially when it comes to harsh environments like those thousands of feet above the ground.

Waterproof or water-repellent fabrics are primary materials used in many La Sportiva mountaineering boots. As mountaineers have to tackle extreme trails and low temperatures, the boots need to have water protection to avoid injuries like frostbites.

Thermal insulation is a very important consideration when going out on a winter hiking trip. La Sportiva’s line of mountaineering boots come with thermal insulation to keep the feet protected from the harsh environment that hikers meet during ascents.

A dependable sole system is also an important consideration for choosing a mountaineering boot. La Sportiva doesn’t want to disappoint its loyal followers so it uses different sole systems that offer excellent traction and stiffness.

Select models come with a built-in gaiter. This component is designed to prevent snow, debris, water and other unwanted elements from entering the boot. La Sportiva mountaineering boots have gaiters connected to the rubber rand, creating a top-to-bottom protection. 

Technologies used

Technology plays an important role in improving the performance of footwear. For La Sportiva, technology goes hand in hand with the development of new shoes. Each tech is carefully chosen to make sure these provide an overall improvement in the boot’s performance.

PU Coating. A prominent technology used in La Sportiva mountaineering boots is the PU coating for the shoe upper. Polyurethane is a material that is used for different products. If the shoe’s leather upper is coated with PU, it prolongs the life of the leather and keeps it shiny. The leather also becomes resistant to water and scratch.

Waterproof Fabric. Fabrics like Lorica and QB3 are also used in some of the models. Lorica is a brand of synthetic fabrics and yarns that provide comfort and weather protection.   The QB3 fabric is mixed with FlexTec 2 material so the feet will be protected against the snow.  

But when it comes to achieving waterproof qualities, there is nothing that can beat the use of a Gore-Tex lining in many La Sportiva mountaineering boots. This membrane is used widely by different shoe manufacturers. The microporous structure prevents water from seeping through.  

Seamless Construction. This type of construction also plays a great role in keeping La Sportiva mountaineering boots functional, comfortable, and waterproof. The Thermo-Tech Injection TPU lacing system. Makes use of the molding process that aims to create less to zero seams. TPU injection creates a rubbery feel.  

Honeycomb Insulated Insole. Some La Sportiva mountaineering boots also use the honeycomb insulated insole. This design allows for a thin and light design while granting insulation and rigidity needed by hikers to push further even if the climb is rough and cold.  

Vibram. To make sure each mountaineering boot provides ample grip even on slippery surfaces. La Sportiva mountaineering boots come with Vibram rubber soles. The brand is trusted by many shoe manufacturers all over the world. These soles are known for their deep lugs and supportive grip.


Considering the kind of craftsmanship and technology used in all La Sportiva mountaineering boots, it can be expected that each pair would bear a heftier price tag than other brands. Single boots are often priced from $350 to $550 a pair while double boots go from $600 to $850.  


La Sportiva mountaineering boots are ranked among the top outdoor footwear brands. The mountaineering line come from the High Mountain, Nepal Series, and Trango Series. Several models from these series are available to cater to mountaineers.

La Sportiva mountaineering boots FAQs

Are single La Sportiva mountaineering boots better than double boots?

Climbing thousands of feet above the ground can be very challenging especially when the temperature drops drastically as well with every mile covered. During climbs, make sure that you wear a pair with ample thermal insulation. A single boot, even if it comes with insulation, can’t provide the warmth needed to endure the climb. Double boots usually come in higher cuts apart from the insulated inner boot and protective outer boot. They are better suited for multi-day trips in cold regions.  

Are leather La Sportiva mountaineering boots better than synthetic boots?

Choosing between leather and synthetic boots is a topic of debate for many. There is a great chance that personal preference will prevail. For mountaineering, consider the trail you will be tackling. The leather ones are perfect for when you need more support and a natural water repellent footwear. Synthetic types are generally lighter and breathable.  

How do I take care of my La Sportiva mountaineering boots?

It is important to clean the boots after each use and allow it to air dry instead of letting it dry under a heat source. When retreating, pay close attention to the seams and rivets and use a seam sealer if needed. If there are problems that would prompt you to bring the boots to a cobbler, make sure that the person is authorized by the brand or has a decent reputation for handling the job.

How do I care for Gore-Tex boots?

The Gore-Tex membrane in your La Sportiva mountaineering boots is a protective lining that keeps water from soaking the shoe’s upper. When you buy a new pair of boots, you will enjoy the best protection that Gore-Tex can offer. Eventually, after several outings, the membrane will be affected according to how much wear and tear the upper material gets. The best way to care for the Gore-Tex membrane is to keep the boots away from heat and things that can prick it.

Is there a need to break in my La Sportiva mountaineering boots?

Breaking in is the process of letting the shoes get used to the shape of the foot. This is a process often done to avoid getting blisters and other injuries during a major climb. The truth is, there are shoes that need some break-in time especially if the uppers are stiff and the soles are rigid. Often though, blisters are due to some pressure points that cause friction between the shoes and the skin. If you deem it necessary, wear your boots a few hours each day before a major climb.  

Can I resole my La Sportiva mountaineering boots?

There are some models of La Sportiva mountaineering boots that can be resoled such as the Nepal Cube GTX. Resoling is the process of replacing worn out soles with new ones.

Ideally, a sole of equal or better quality is used as a replacement. A reputable La Sportiva resoler should also have the last of the boot models in different sizes. These are the reasons why the company advises owners of La Sportiva mountaineering boots to have the pair resoled in their authorized outlets.  

Are there wide or narrow La Sportiva mountaineering boots?

The width of the shoes greatly affects how the boots would fit. This is as crucial as the length of the boots. La Sportiva does not particularly create wide or narrow versions of their boots. The mountaineering lines fall under the High Mountain, Nepal, and Trango Series with lasts of the same names.  

A common solution to get a good pair of La Sportiva mountaineering boots in the right width is to consider a pair from the opposite gender’s line. Men with narrow feet can choose from La Sportiva’s women’s line. Women with wide feet can choose a pair from La Sportiva’s men’s line. However, it is important to note that not all La Sportiva mountaineering boots come in women’s sizing.