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  • Collection: Keen Terradora
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KEEN Terradora hiking boots

Give your feet their much-deserved break by lacing up in a pair of KEEN Terradora hiking boots. Engineered with precision and mobility in mind, these quality boots will help you blaze across a variety of terrain with increased efficiency.

You can also catch a break from spending way too much on top-class hiking boots on our ad-free site. Indeed, as we are partnered with over 200 trusted retailers, offerings under this catalog can be yours to keep at low, low rates!

Terradora hiking boots: a compelling female-centric collection by KEEN

If you are ready to take the plunge from your trusted KEEN sandals and into the brand’s pool of comfy trail boots, now is the right time. Designed specifically for women, Terradora hiking boots provide a double, even triple, helping of comfort, protection, and support over regular hiking sandals.

Almost all of KEEN Terradora hiking boots are waterproof. This means that you can wade through deeper streams, say about 4 inches in depth, and still come out with toasty feet, partly thanks to their mid-top construction.

While they are not as light as some hiking boots from KEEN’s Targhee lineup, they are not bulky either. That said, they can be as affordable as any other hiker in our library, so shop through us now!

Your wallet vs. KEEN Terradora hiking boots

Kicks making up this KEEN sub-catalog fall under the slightly-expensive-to-premium category. In other words, be prepared to spend anywhere between 140 and 160 US dollars on them. On the contrary, if you prefer to spend way below the aforementioned price range, fancy visiting our space for budget-friendly kicks.