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Jordan Why Not basketball shoes

Russell Westbrook has been with the Jordan brand since 2013. Since then, he has been given a lot of player exclusives. In 2018, Westbrook's signature line of Jordan Why Not basketball shoes was finally launched.

Jordan makes sure that Westbrook's Why Not offers not only performance but also style and aesthetics. The player, after all, is one of the NBA's most fashionable; and he is often pictured in well put together garments.

Like the more established LeBron and Curry collections, the roster of Why Not basketball shoes is composed not only of the original mid-tops but also of low-top versions and special editions.

Jordan Why Not shoes: Stories and style

Russell Westbrook loves the storytelling part of shoe production. As a result, his Why Not shoes often bear elements that pay homage to important people in his life such as the members of his family and his late best friend Khelcey Barrs III. As a black man, it's also quite expected that his basketball shoes are released in BHM colorways, which honor black Americans and other people of color all over the world.