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Jack Wolfskin hiking boots may not ring a bell for some but for many avid hikers and outdoor enthusiasts who prefer products made of sustainable and eco-friendly materials, these shoes really stand out.

While the brand has been existing since 1981, it wasn't until the past couple of years that they've gotten public attention. With groundbreaking footwear technologies like the Texapore, Jack Wolfskin slowly but surely made its way to the limelight.

Best Jack Wolfskin hiking boots: who they're for

Best Jack Wolfskin hiking boots - May 2020

The company offers a complete line of outdoor gear and apparel. For their footwear line, they have shoes for trekking, hiking, on-trail adventure, urban hiking, scrambling, and so much more.

Overall, Jack Wolfskin hiking boots appeal to day hikers, light backpackers, and overnight hikers who want lightweight and nimble boots that offer reliable protection - rain or shine. They are best known for their multifunctional design (wear them on the trail or in city streets) and mid-range price points.

What to expect from Jack Wolfskin hiking boots?

While the design and price of hiking boots are key selling points, it all boils down to how they perform on the trail. Jack Wolfskin offers plenty of hiking boots and while each one has specific uses and features, they all have common characteristics, such as:


Many people like Jack Wolfskin hiking boots for their versatility. If you love traveling or hiking when you travel, you should really give these boots a try. Unlike traditional mid-cut hikers, Jack Wolfskin boots are so light you can wear them for long walks without experiencing "tired feet". Also, these boots have stylish, urban-inspired uppers available in different colorways. At first glance, they won't look like a hiking boot at all. 

Roomy fit

Most hiking shoes and boots from Jack Wolfskin are a bit roomy, which has several advantages. One is that they accommodate thicker socks (which is always helpful in the winter). Another thing, they easily cope with the natural "swelling" of the feet which happens after a few hours of standing or walking. Despite the roomy fit, these boots still feel secure and stable thanks to the robust lacing hardware and the addition of supportive features like a TPU heel stabilizer and durable overlays.

Innovative sole system

Jack Wolfskin boots boast of a unique sole system comprised of a cushioning insole, a stabilizing midsole pad in the forefoot, and a cushioning pad in the heel. Together, they work to provide a comfortable and supportive platform for the foot, ease the strain, and prevent injury.

How to choose Jack Wolfskin hiking boots: tips for men and ladies

Jack Wolfskin has developed an array of hiking shoes and boots for men and women that it can be somewhat challenging to pick the right pair for you. To make your search easier, here are some key points to remember:

See if you really need waterproofing. Jack Wolfskin Texapore hiking boots are very popular because they have an effective waterproofing construction. But like any other waterproof boots, they can get really warm and toasty in hot summer days. Consider the terrain you will use your boots for. If you're less likely to traverse wet trails, a breathable, non-waterproof boot will work just fine.

Consider your activities. If you're traversing rocky paths, steep grassy slopes, or slippery streams, you will need something that's packed with supportive and protective features, such as a higher shaft height, robust upper construction, and an aggressive outsole.

Fit matters. Make sure you try putting the boots on before making a purchase to know if they fit you well.