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    Five Ten Gambit VCS - Semi Solar Slime Black Clear Grey (BC0865)
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buy intermediate climbing shoes for men and women

Intermediate climbing shoes

Are you ready to take on more challenging projects and dominate trickier routes? If so, put away your entry-level kicks and gear up with intermediate climbing shoes instead.

Now we are aware that you are as interested in being on top of your spending as you are serious about leveling up your game. For the “spending” part, we got you covered with our price-busting deals. So get your next pair of climbing shoes right through us—we will make your day!

40+ intermediate climbing shoes for men and women

There is nothing quite like browsing a catalog that teems with top-quality rock shoes, especially if the said roster has kicks intended for intermediate use. The more than 40 shoes listed here are yours to look into, and from among them, we will be more than glad to help you fish out the right pair.

Most pieces under this category are aggressive rock climbing shoes, which means such kicks are ready for the steep (think overhangs). When it comes to brands, La Sportiva, So iLL, and Evolv are great places to start.

If you are a fan of professional climber Chris Sharma, give the Evolv Shaman a serious thought. He co-designed this particular shoe for intermediate users like you!

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