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Adaptability is expected from Inov-8 running shoes, but even on pavement, the brand does not disappoint in ranking high and getting better reviews in more or less 100, 000 reviews written by shoe enthusiasts, fitness buffs and professional athletes. No matter what type of runner you are, you get the value you paid for in every pair of Inov-8 road shoes on the market.

How can Inov-8 road shoes improve pavement performance?

best inov 8 road running shoes
Best Inov-8 road running shoes - November 2019

  • Road shoes have varying cushioning to cater to different types of pronators. Over pronators will find premium cushioning in their stability and motion control road shoes, while neutral pronators and supinators will enjoy their neutral road shoes’ minimal amount of cushioning.
  • Road shoes have better shock attenuation properties than debris protection, since impact forces pose a greater threat to the performance and comfort of the runner. The cushioning and outsole technologies work together to improve shock absorption.
  • Road shoes are versatile, since some of them could be used on both track and light trails. You can also use them for performance running and cross training. In fact, others use it for recreational sports and sometimes, racing. At other events, the best Inov-8 road shoes serve as casual wear.
  • The best Inov-8 road shoes have varied cushioning, but the ideal one for runners who want to push more miles in their track record is a firm and responsive midsole. This guarantees more flexibility and energy return properties, but might sacrifice a bit of comfort.

What should you factor in when selecting the best Inov-8 road shoes?

  • Cushioning. The cushioning in a shoe platform can influence a lot of aspects: comfort, protection and shock attenuation. In choosing road shoes, make sure that you prioritize cushioning if you are a beginner. The road can be unforgiving to new runners, since the shock forces would be greater to the untrained. By getting cushioned platforms, you can have better shock absorption properties and a comfortable road experience. Their Arrow system features 3 cushioning categories: 1 (3 mm drop), 2 (6 mm drop) and 3 (9 mm drop). However, if you are training to run minimally, Inov-8 has zero drop shoes for the road.
  • Durability. Even if there are slight irregularities to contend with, you should still prioritize a durable platform in picking road shoes. The upper should be resilient against the elements, like mud and rain, while the outsole is resistant to wear and tear. Road shoes from Inov-8 are not normally waterproof, but these have weather-proof features you can benefit from.
  • Versatility. The best Inov-8 road shoes are versatile in general. In fact, you can use them for cross training, sports, speed workouts, racing, performance running and even trail running! However, it is best to stick to light nature trails, like grassy areas, to avoid foot injuries because of the lack of trail-specific technologies. If you into fitness, a versatile pair will truly go a long way.