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In 100, 000 shoe reviews, runners were able to show their trust and love for Inov-8 performance shoes. The brand uses shoe innovations and technologies to improve their line of low drop shoes for minimalist runners and under pronators. Read about the best low drop shoes from Inov-8 before hitting the trail or track.

Why should you give a pair of Inov-8 low drop shoes a chance?

best inov 8 low drop running shoes
Best Inov-8 low drop running shoes - November 2019

  • Low drop shoes are either designed for the track or trail. Runners can expect a minimal structure, less cushioning and more ground contact in trail and track low drop shoes from Inov-8.
  • The best Inov-8 low drop shoes feature lesser than a 4 mm heel to toe drop. Depending on their cushioning, runners could pursue forefoot or mid-foot striking.
  • Since fewer features are incorporated in low drop shoes, runners can expect a light platform that could be used for racing and speed workouts.
  • When it comes to versatility, Inov-8 low drop shoes have a low rating. Beginners and casual runners will not be comfortable about the lack of underfoot cushioning. Only professional athletes and advanced runners will appreciate the ground contact and flexibility it offers.
  • Over pronators will have a hard time using low drop shoes since they need ample cushioning and arch support to decelerate their pronation. The lack of cushioning in Inov-8 low drop shoes is suited for supinators and neutral pronators who want to improve their natural running movement.

Aspects that should be featured in Inov-8's low drop shoes

  • Sole Material. In pursuing barefoot-like running, runners would need tougher sole materials to get the protection they need. Whether they run on trails or roads, their outsole should have a balance of cushioning and protection without compensating flexibility. Road or trail irregularities might cause bruising or hinder a better running performance, which is why a tougher and thicker outsole is recommended. The best Inov-8 low drop shoes feature 2 out of the 5 distinctive outsole compounds of the brand, namely Fusion and Sticky compounds.
  • Foot Striking. Low drop shoes are great if you want to improve your foot striking. Choosing a shoe that promotes mid-foot striking or forefoot striking is encouraged if you want to enhance your natural running movement, as well as encourage more speed in your running activities. Foot striking could be developed by the heel to toe drop of the shoe. A zero drop platform can help promote a mid-foot strike, while 2 mm to 4 mm drops will ensure to train your forefoot striking abilities. Thankfully, the best Inov-8 low drop shoes feature the Arrow Shoc Zone System, which has 3 mm drop and zero drop profiles.
  • Flexibility. The best Inov-8 low drop shoes have the right flexibility to help the runner improve his natural running motion. With a flexible platform, runners can improve their foot striking and enjoy more ground contact. Look for shoes with less structure in the midsole and outsole, as well as an adaptive fit that could accommodate toe splaying and flexing. In terms of a flexible fit, Inov-8 presents the Standard fit that has a wide toe box and a close heel structure.