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Known for their groundbreaking graphene outsoles, Inov-8 hiking boots have flourished in the hiking gear industry since 2003. They have boots intended for hard and rocky terrain, paths and trails, as well as soft and muddy surfaces.

But how good are Inov-8 hiking boots? What are their best features? Who are they made for? And lastly, are they worth the investment?

Let's find out.

Are Inov-8 hiking boots good for you?

Best Inov-8 hiking boots - May 2020

If you're looking for super light and grippy hiking boots for your day-hiking adventures, they certainly fit the bill. However, if you're off to a long trip in the alps or in some really tough terrain, it's best to wear backpacking boots that offer more rigidity, weight, and protection.

The best Inov-8 hiking boots for men and women: advantages

Aside from the revolutionary graphene-enhanced outsole, Inov-8 hiking boots also make a popular footwear choice among hiking enthusiasts because:

They are extremely lightweight

Inov-8 hiking shoes are touted as light and fast hiking shoes. Therefore, they are ideal for trail running, off-road running, light hiking, and day hiking. While many brands make leather boots, Inov-8 makes use of synthetic materials for their shoe uppers, such as ballistic nylon which are lightweight yet very sturdy. 

They are protective

Despite being super lightweight, these boots don't fall short in terms of protection and support. The Rocklite G 345 GTX, for example, is made of durable uppers lined with Gore-Tex membrane that protects against water intrusion. It also comes with a shank for more stability on the trail.

Inov-8 hiking boots are comfortable

Hiking is fun. But it can be harsh on your feet. It's important to find hiking boots that feel comfortable. While boots are usually "stiff" and robust, lightweight hiking boots like what Inov-8 offers promise more flexibility and enhanced cushioning. Thus, they are ideal for day hiking in both established and moderately challenging trails. 

Inov-8 hiking boots: how it all started

Inov-8 is a relatively new company, with 17 years of experience under its laces. That might seem like a lot of experience but when compared to other top brands that have been around for 100 years or more, Inov-8 still has a very short history.

Nonetheless, it only took them one groundbreaking solution to most hikers' problem to achieve a solid spot in the hiking footwear industry: the graphene outsole.

Every hiker knows that grip and traction are the most important reason for wearing the right hiking boots. Whether you're traversing well-established trails or steep mountain slopes, you want a pair of boots that will bite into all sorts of surfaces, from mud to rocks, loose dirt, and snow. Since it was founded in 2003, Inov-8 has been renowned as a world leader in grip. They are the first and only footwear company that uses graphene in their outsole.

What is graphene?

Graphene is a highly versatile material that is said to be stronger than steel. In collaboration with experts from Manchester University, Inov-8 is the first brand in the world to use graphene in sports shoes and hiking footwear. The company claims that their graphene outsole is 50 times stronger, more elastic, and durable than traditional rubber outsoles.