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The French running shoe company, Hoka One One, is frequently mentioned by professional athletes and casual runners in 100, 000 shoe reviews or more because of their evolutionary maximalist technology. With Hoka One One minimalist shoes, expect a combination of flexibility and support in a lightweight platform that is designed to keep your foot close to the ground in every step.

Why should you get a pair of Hoka One One minimalist shoes?

  • Minimalist shoes feature lesser cushioning than neutral or stability trainers. Its name should hint that the shoe platform contains fewer features in the construction to allow a barefoot-like running experience. With the best Hoka One One minimalist shoes, stability is compromised, but you can expect more contact with the ground.
  • The best Hoka One One minimalist shoes are lightweight because of its minimal features. Runners would be able to use them for racing or speed workouts.
  • Despite lesser cushioning, the best Hoka One One minimalist shoes still have decent shock attenuation properties. Every stride would not bring pain since the outsole and midsole help is dissipating the shock forces evenly on the underfoot.
  • Minimalist shoes are either designed for the track or trail. Trail minimalist shoes have fewer features and lesser bulk, but they still have adequate protection to cover against debris and shock forces. As for track minimalist shoes, you can expect sleek designs and minimal construction. However, the shoes still have a responsive midsole to improve the gait cycle on the pavement.
  • Flexibility will be on your side when using the best Hoka One One minimalist shoes. Your foot can naturally flex or splay while running, so the Achilles tendon will be trained for barefoot activities.

What do you need to consider in getting the best Hoka One One minimalist pair?

  • Structure. Minimalist shoes should have fewer features, since a structured construction will hinder a barefoot-like motion. You might want to try other brands if you are not fond of Hoka One One’s maximalist pairs. However, the brand has the Lite Frame, Early-Stage Meta Rocker and Speed Frame to keep a minimal structure.
  • Weight. Despite the maximalist cushioning, the best Hoka One One minimalist shoes still maintain a light platform. The softer densities of their midsole can be deceiving, but it is fairly light. Aside from the cushioning, the other parts of the shoes are still lightweight. Try a pair or two before purchasing to decide if it is light enough for your running needs.
  • Heel to toe drop. Maximalist pairs technically have higher drops even in minimalist models. However, if you want to experience barefoot-like running, you can choose between 4 mm to 6 mm heel to toe drops. Hoka One One has the Meta Rocker midsole geometry to facilitate low heel-toe drops and encourage an efficient gait cycle.