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High top soccer cleats 

Support. That’s what high top soccer cleats are all about. It’s no wonder this type of soccer cleat construction grows more popular each day. From the well-established brands to the lesser-known ones, everyone has jumped in on the high collar bandwagon.

That’s why here at RunRepeat, we try our best to give you some of the top model releases today. In partnership with 200+ shops, we not only bring you honest reviews but the best deals out there. 

Buy top soccer brands 

Whether it’s Nike, Adidas, or even Puma, each of these brands boasts high top cleats that are created for that supportive and stable run on the pitch. Specific collections from these brands are much more known for their high top selections.

The Adidas Predators, for instance, have numerous models from the line’s 18th and up models. These also include the Paul Pogba signature models.

For Nike, their speedy Mercurials, precision-focused Phantom Vision, and Hypervenom lines have some select models, as well. Not to mention Cristiano Ronaldo’s signature series.

The Ignite series for Puma is yet another notable collection with some of premium high top cleats, as well. 

Different high top soccer tech

Aside from picking from popular brands, you’ll surely be treated to some of the latest soccer tech found in these high top cleats. Perhaps the most recognizable one is the Swoosh’s Dynamic Fit collar and foot-hugging Flyknit that complements well to a high top collar design.