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buy high cut hiking boots for men and women

High-cut hiking boots are more durable and also provide better foot and ankle support to hikers who tackle rough and rocky trails. Hikers who often complain about twisting their ankles or those who previously had ankle injuries can wear this type of boot to support them.

Hiking boots, although they look burly and clunky, are considered a worthy investment. Offered in mid-cut and high-top models, this footwear has a stiff shank incorporated between the midsole and outsole. They are best used for tackling trails with roots and other obstacles.

Usually waterproof and protective, boots keep the feet dry and comfortable if ever hikers walk on trails inches deep in mud, slush, puddles, creeks, and rivers. These also come in very handy when hiking off-trail in rough terrains, and when exploring areas where snakes and other wild animals lurk.

Hiking boots come in two cuts: mid and high-cut. The high-top hiking boots extend over the wearer’s ankle. A common mistake people make is confusing this mid-cut boots which extend no higher than the ankle of the wearer.

High-cut hiking boots provide the needed ankle support that hikers need on the trail while the risks of trip-ending injuries are reduced. They are a favorite of backpackers and an essential for backcountry trips.

A hiking boot is composed of different parts that make it ideal for the rough trail. The footwear offers great support and balance for hikers who love going on and off the trail, and those who love more dangerous terrain.

Where to wear high-cut hiking boots

best high cut hiking boots
Best high cut hiking boots - December 2019

Good footwear is the most important gear to have during hiking trips. Some hike short distances with light packs so they may not need hiking boots that much. However, for those who look forward to escaping into the wild for a few days, high-cut hiking boots are a great option to choose.

Hikers want to be best covered and protected when they are out in the wild. There are a lot of demands in hiking footwear mainly because the trails are rough. Hikers also have to bring heavy packs with them. With hikers exposed to varying conditions outside and with heavy backpacks to carry, it is natural that they would seek footwear that will support and protect them.

High-cut hiking boots are often used for backpacking and backcountry trips. Since these are near-bulletproof, they can be used for walking over more technical terrains. Hiking boots have an ultra-rigid build that offers support and comfort when the trail gets too tough. Apart from the robust construction, boots also have memory foam, insulation, and cushion that keeps the feet comfortable.

Aside from the backcountry, high-cut hiking boots are also great fashionable shoes to wear during autumn. Paired with a beautiful knitted sweater, and a great pair of tights, these boots would be ready for leisurely strolls in the park.

High-cut hiking boots are also the favorite of some people when out for a Friday night. This can be paired with a knee-length or shorter dress, jeans and shirt, for a party vibe. Basically, it can be worn whatever the occasion.

Men and women who need high-top hiking boots

Are high-cut hiking boots practical? Don’t high-cut footwear restrict the ankle instead of support it? These are just two questions that hikers have which sometimes stop them from enjoying the benefits of these boots. Which of the two statements is a hearsay and which one is true?

The footwear hikers choose to bring plays a great part in their adventure. As hiking takes a toll on the feet and legs, wearing appropriate hiking footwear is empirical. An appropriate footwear is one that protects the feet from injuries and enhances performance. The footwear one brings should have the right weight, design, support, and cushioning.

Choosing and wearing hiking footwear shouldn’t feel like unfamiliar water as their use is pretty straightforward. As these are stiffer, more robust, and are heavier than trekking shoes, they provide more support and stability when tackling more challenging, rocky, and uneven terrain. The rigid soles provide better comfort when moving around rocky and highly-vegetated areas. High-cut hiking boots are also ideal for mountaineering since these are mostly crampon compatible.

Availability of high-cut hiking boots for men and women

With more individuals finding joys in exploring the world outdoors, the number of hiking footwear options also expanded. Different brands offer various types and models of high-top hiking boots. Hikers just have to look for the size, fit, style, and materials that suit their preference and hiking conditions. RunRepeat has a list of the best hiking boots where outdoor enthusiasts can choose from.

Price of high-top hiking boots

High-quality high-cut hiking boots may be a little more expensive than trail runners and shoes. However, with emphasis on durability and longevity, these boots are a worthy investment. These are made of the highest-quality materials which can resist harsh elements and difficult terrain.

Hikers need to choose boots which can protect their feet, withstand elements, and last for a long time. There are some cheap hiking boots available in the market although their quality may be a little questionable. Serious hikers should better invest on high-quality boots although these could get a bit expensive. They should be prepared to shell out $200 or more. These boots last for years and can be resoled (meaning the damaged sole can be replaced with a new one of equal or better quality).

High-cut hiking boots FAQs

What is the best way to choose high-cut hiking boots?

Choosing the right high-cut hiking boots is a process where one should heavily consider fit and walking comfort. Hikers also have to consider the type, and a component of the boot. Most high-top versions are made with more robust materials which are most useful for technical climbs.

High-top hiking boots need to fit snugly everywhere. These shouldn’t be tight anywhere and there should be enough wiggle space for the toes. When purchasing a pair, here are some considerations:

  • Size – Hikers need to have their foot’s length and width assessed using a Brannock device. Foot volume and arch height should also be assessed to get a reliable foot size. It would help to go to a shoe store and have the foot assessed at the end of the day when it has swollen enough, similar to how it will be during a day hike.
  • Socks – Socks are also very important to hikers and before buying the best pair of hiking boots, it would be a sound choice to bring them along. Familiar socks make it easier to assess the fit and feel of the boots. It is best for hikers to take the socks they will be hiking with when fitting for new shoes.

When buying online, hikers must consider brands they’ve worn before. This lessens the chances of the high-cut hiking boots not fitting well and getting returned. Most boot companies produce a consistent foot model so the size will likely be similar.

Will high-cut hiking boots protect the ankles?

The constant topic of debates is the supposed ankle-support that high-cut hiking shoes provide. The truth is, even mid-cut boots provide some extra ankle support which comes in handy when carrying a heavy backpack for a long period. But then, for a rigorous trip, hikers may have to consider a pair that will give them more protection.

High-cut hiking boots do not just come in handy when exploring areas where snakes and other animals could threaten hikers, they also give support to the ankle and feet. Boots provide a high level of stability especially when tackling technical trails.

Do brands matter when buying high-cut hiking boots?

Brand names do not really matter when it comes to buying hiking boots. The fit is always the top consideration when it comes to finding high-cut hiking boots. Many popular brands (like Scarpa and Danner) carrying outdoor lines have different models to choose from. The price could also vary from pocket-friendly to very expensive. However, brands could become a determining factor when buying from an online store that demands sizing reference.

Do high-top hiking boots need breaking in?

Breaking in is one of the things that hikers need to do to. Upon purchase, they need to wear the shoes for a couple of hours a few days before their hike so that their feet will get used to the feel of the shoes. This process will prevent them from getting blisters and black toes during the actvity. High-top hiking boots which are made of burlier materials are expected to cause more pain and blisters if not properly broken in before the trip.