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You might want to check a pair of Hi-Tec waterproof hiking boots out for your upcoming adventures. The sportswear brand’s hikers keep your feet dry by preventing wet conditions from slowing you down. They are also equipped with features that promote durability, traction, support, and comfort so you can have a lasting performance for your hiking trips. If you need an option that can provide all of these perks, you should include Hi-Tec waterproof hiking boots among your considerations right away.

How the best Hi-Tec waterproof hiking boots keep your feet dry

best hi tec waterproof hiking boots
Best Hi-Tec waterproof hiking boots - November 2019

Exposing your feet to water while you’re out on a hike can lead to unpleasant results. For one, you might suffer from blisters or experience smelly feet. Hi-Tec waterproof hiking boots are designed to prevent them from happening. They are fitted with a Dri-Tec membrane which blocks water from entering the gear. This feature also allows excess moisture and heat to escape so you won’t experience sweaty feet.

Along with a Dri-Tec membrane, the brand’s quality boots for hikers are coated with i-Shield. This proprietary Hi-Tec technology acts as a protective layer to repel water. It also fends dirt and stains off from the upper. These features work as one to help turn Hi-Tec hiking boots into a reliable waterproof footgear product for adventurers.

Notable technologies found in the best Hi-Tec waterproof hiking boots for men and women

MD-Traction. This is Hi-Tec’s patented outsole technology. It features aggressive lugs which help secure your footing over most types of terrain.

Ortholite. This removable footbed employs an open-cell polyurethane construction to deliver lightweight cushioning. It’s also engineered to expel excess moisture and provide added breathability.

Michelin. Select Hi-Tec waterproof hiking boots come with an outsole made by Michelin. Its profile is filled with high-performance lugs which render traction and adaptability on all types of ground conditions. 

XLR8. Some of the brand’s finest hiking boots for outdoor lovers feature XLR8. This midsole technology is 10% lighter than conventional ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) foam and grants a 10% increase in rebound and energy absorption.

How to take care of your Hi-Tec waterproof hiking boots

It’s crucial to clean your boots after each hike. In doing so, you are preserving the quality of your pair for the years to come. As such, here are the brand’s recommended steps on how to wash and maintain your Hi-Tec waterproof hiking boots.

  • Get a clean and damp piece of cloth to wipe traces of dried mud and dirt on your pair.
  • Never clean your Hi-Tec waterproof hiking boots using a washing machine. It will destroy your hikers and your washer.
  • Keep in mind to use a mild detergent solution to clean your boots. Exposure to strong detergents can affect the product’s stitching and bonding agents.
  • If you purchased Hi-Tec waterproof hiking boots that feature robust leather uppers, you should treat them with conditioning sprays or creams. This particular product prevents the leather portion of your gear from hardening and cracking.
  • Do not apply waterproofing treatment on the lace hardware to prevent it from losing its shape and durability.