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What makes Hanwag hiking boots, mountaineering boots, and trekking boots unique? Hanwag is a brand that has become synonymous with different outdoor activities that demand great gear. Because it is popular in the outdoor industry, it won’t be surprising if you meet Hanwag wearers on the trail.

Hanwag’s formula to success is not a trade secret. They are, in fact, very open about their more than 90 years in the market is a product of continuous development. Founded in 1921 in Vierkirchen, Germany, Hanwag is a well-loved brand that produces high-quality outdoor footwear. 

There are some distinct features of each Hanwag pair that makes it a well-loved brand all over the world. For instance, except for the few double-stitched models, each pair comes with a cemented construction. This construction method allows for resoling of the boots – the process of replacing worn out soles with new ones, so the footwear remains usable. 

One of the things that the brand is known for is using high-quality materials for their outdoor footwear products. The company has mastered the traditional Bavarian craftsmanship combined with expertise and innovation. Hanwag focuses on developing footwear that offers the perfect fit and years of adventures with each pair.  

Benefits of wearing Hanwag hiking boots for men and women

best hanwag hiking boots
Best Hanwag hiking boots - December 2019

Hanwag hiking boots are products of continuous development, accumulation of techniques, functions, technologies, and requirements met over the years. Each pair comes with Hanwag’s promise of craftsmanship that supports the needs of hikers.

Comfort and fit

Every pair of Hanwag hiking boots are made from a special last – a model shaped like an artificial foot. The last corresponds to the shape of the foot that can wear the boots. The special lasts used by Hanwag give a more individual fit so that wearers with fitting problems can have greater chances of having a well-fitting pair.  

Comfort is also never sacrificed. Hanwag hiking boots are made with high-quality and long-lasting materials. Even if the models usually look tough on the outside, wearing them is very comfortable. The linings used for the boots help keep the wearer feel dry, warm, and comfortable.  


As Hanwag hiking boots are made from high-quality materials, owners can expect that they are capable of enduring difficulties on the trail. Aside from choosing high-quality materials, the excellent craftsmanship also reinforces the quality of each pair.  Hanwag uses double stitching and cemented construction making each pair completely resolable. 


Whatever the terrain is, a pair of Hanwag hiking boots should be able to provide ample protection to wearers. To carry a standard of reliability, Hanwag boot models are made using only either of two construction methods that are known for offering excellent support to wearers.

Why does it matter? The kind of construction speaks a lot of the quality of the boots. The traditional and expert construction applied can assure wearers that their boots will stay and hold on even if there are challenges along the trail. 


Excellent traction is a must in any hiking boot, and Hanwag is not the type to scrimp on sole materials. Very prominent soles in many Hanwag hiking boots are made by their partners Vibram and Michelin. The boots grip on various surfaces easily with the right rubber soles, .  


The upper material plays a crucial role in making every footwear useful for different purposes. For outdoor footgear, the capacity to protect against scree, rocks, bushes, and animals are main considerations for selecting the upper material. Hanwag acknowledges that leather is an exceptional material for outdoor gears. Most Hanwag hiking boots use leather of different types to protect the wearer during hikes.  

What to look for in a pair of men's and women's Hanwag hiking boots

In your search for a dependable pair of Hanwag hiking boots, consider different traits that will have effects on comfort, function, durability, and economy. Here, we run down some of the traits that can help you pick the best Hanwag hiking boots off the rack:

Materials used

Each pair of Hanwag hiking boots is made up of materials with unprecedented quality. Together, these materials work together to give support, protection, and comfort to the wearer. Here are some of the materials commonly used to create their hiking boots:

  • Leather – This material is commonly used in the production of Hanwag footwear. There are six types of leather being used in the production of the best Hanwag hiking boots: nubuck leather, Terracare Zero, yak-leather, bio-leather, chrome-free leather, and leather lining. As an unparalleled material, leather, when properly cared for, can last for a long time.
  • Lining – The footwear lining plays a huge role not only in keeping the feet comfortable, but also in protecting them from water and other elements. Hanwag uses different linings to ensure comfort, weather protection, and breathability of each pair. Some of the linings used are: Gore-Tex, G-Loft, Bio Ceramic, leather, and chrome-free leather.
  • Sole – Choosing the kind of sole to use in making Hanwag hiking boots is a crucial step in improving its overall function. Making sure that the grip is perfect and reliable is a top priority. Hanwag has partnered with Vibram and Michelin to ensure that each product offers a perfect grip.

Technologies used

In order to improve the overall feel, fit, and performance of the best Hanwag hiking boots, the company uses materials and processes that are improved with technology. Few of techs used in some hiking models are:

  • Gore-Tex – Waterproofing Hanwag hiking boots mean adding a membrane that will keep water out. Gore-Tex carries its “guaranteed to keep you dry” promise which means the boot will remain dry even when crossing creeks, puddles, mud, and other wet areas on the trail. Gore-Tex also promises climate comfort which means the boot doesn’t get too hot even when worn on warm days.
  • Leather lining – Hanwag hiking boots feature linings that not only protect, but also keep the feet comfortable. One of those materials is the leather lining. This is particularly nice because it absorbs moisture quickly and molds better to the shape of the foo Though not as waterproof as other linings, this can offer decent weather protection especially when coupled with other dependable upper materials.
  • Vibram rubber soles – Vibram rubber soles are known for providing excellent grip on different surfaces. Hanwag partnered with Vibram―a prominent outsole manufacturer―to make sure that the best Hanwag hiking boots provide the grip needed on the trail.
  • Hanwag ZT sole – The brand partnered with Vibram and Michelin Technical Soles and Co. to develop new sole technologies like the ZT sole. The different rubber compounds and sole types meet the requirements of the trail. Michelin is a tire manufacturer. They apply their knowledge of rubber and traction in the creation of outsoles that are suitable for the challenges of various terrain types.


Like many European-brand outdoor footwear, Hanwag hiking boots are also a bit heftier than other brands. You will spend around $250 a pair.


You can enjoy the best Hanwag hiking boots no matter where you are in the world. There are different retail outlets that carry Hanwags.  Those who cannot visit stores can simply check their website to place their orders. The company ships in various parts of Europe.  

Hanwag hiking boots FAQs

What should I consider when buying a pair of Hanwag hiking boots?

In choosing the Hanwag hiking boots, consider where and what you will be using it for. The outdoor footwear industry has become specific in producing footwear for different activities. Thus, there are some that are made for mountaineering, trekking, hiking, and others.

Aside from the planned activity, also remember that fit is the top consideration when choosing a pair. Always find a pair that gives you a snug fit. After selecting the boot model, make sure to ask for a size that fits your foot well.  

Is leather footwear better than one with a Gore-Tex membrane?

Both leather and Gore-Tex footwear come with advantages. Deciding which one to use depends largely on your preference. You can consider whether you need footwear that will be waterproof for a long period or if you need a pair that has breathability.

The leather is a natural option and is considered one of the best materials for outdoor footwear. Most of the time, leather hikers will be more suitable for hikes that may demand an impermeable upper material. Those who are hiking on a rainy day, however, may want a pair with Gore-Tex lining because these can keep the feet dry.  

Will a Gore-Tex lining help make my boot more durable and last longer?

Gore-Tex is a membrane that keeps footwear uppers waterproof. This is used in thousands of footwear models all over the world. Hanwag hiking boots are among them. The expanded polytetrafluoroethylene membrane is characterized by microscopic pores that keep water out.

Since the Gore-Tex lining or membrane is very thin, it cannot really contribute much to the boot’s upper durability. It will not really add much to the upper’s resistance to abrasions. However, since it will make the footwear waterproof, it can help extend its life.  

How do I take care of my Hanwag hiking boots?

Like everything, a pair of Hanwag hiking boots – even if they are known for being crafted well – will not last a long time if the owner will not care properly for them. Simple steps that ensure they become useful for a long time include:

  1. Cleaning the boots after every use.
  2. Air-drying the boots instead of drying it under a heat source.
  3. Storing the boots in a cool and dry place.
  4. Treating leather uppers if necessary.