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    Nike Air Max 270 Bowfin - Gris (AJ7200009)
    Nike Air Max 270 Bowfin - grey/orange/grey (AJ7200006)
    Nike Air Max 270 Bowfin - Anthracite/Metallic Silver-cool Grey (AJ7200008)
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    Nike P-6000 - Grey (CD6404006)
    Nike P-6000 - Wolf Grey/Black/White/Electric Green (CD6404005)
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    Nike Air Max 720 - Gunsmoke / Fuel Orange (AO2924006)
    Nike Air Max 720 - Grigio Smoke Grey Electric Green Anthracite (CN9833002)
    Nike Air Max 720 - Anthracite/Electric Green-black (AO2924018)
    Nike Air Max 720 - Wolf Grey Teal Nebula Red Orbit White (AO2924011)
    Nike Air Max 720 - Cool Grey Volt Electric Green Black (CT2204001)
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Grey Nike Sneakers

Best Grey Nike Sneakers - September 2019

When it comes to Nike, three colors dominate the world of colorways, colors that almost everyone loves or has in their closet. These colors are black, white, and of course, grey. But let’s forgo the first two colors and go straight to grey. Grey is a color that is intermediate between black and white, and when applied on to a sneaker, it makes for something charming.

The color grey has been dominating in a lot of industries, not just the footwear industry. From interior design to fashion, the color grey makes a subtle statement of elegance that everyone seems to like.

This is something that Nike has understood well and has used to its advantage. With Nike, whether it be grey Nike sneakers or not, the brand guarantees there is a shoe and a design for everyone.

Top 15 Grey Nike Shoes

All sneakerheads know that when it comes to footwear brand Nike, the specific number of sneakers it has is beyond anyone’s knowledge. There are just so many Nike shoes out there, and all of them come in varying degrees of awesomeness, including the grey colored ones. With the sheer amount, we couldn’t possibly list it all. Instead, we’ve narrowed it down to the top 20 best grey Nike shoes out on the market. 

Take note, though these kicks come in grey, some variations and color combinations can be observed on some. For example, pink and grey, as well as grey and orange Nike shoes. Here’s a list of the top grey Nike shoes with details on the sneakers itself:

Nike Air Max 270

This model is Nike’s first lifestyle air unit and has been designed to fit the active lifestyle of the wearer. The kicks have a reputation for being sleek and fashionable grey Nike sneakers that hold a rich history of culture and subculture to it. Information follows below this:

  • It has a breathable mesh and knitted upper with a bootie construction.
  • The Nike Air Max 270 has been touted to be comfy, light, and have a great fit to it.
  • There are black heels and grey uppers on these Nike shoes.

Nike Air Max Guile

Doubling as casual grey Nike shoes, the Air Max Guile is also a performance sneaker that is a delight to pair with when it comes to outfits. It’s also light and comfortable to wear. Here’s more info on it:

  • The foam midsole keeps it light.
  • Plush cushioning can be attributed to the Air-Sole unit.
  • It has a minimalist look with a textured upper for a touch of uniqueness.
  • This comes in an all grey option with white midsoles.

Nike Lunar Force 1 Duckboot

The prowess of Nike creating fashion trends comes into full view with the Lunar Force 1 Duckboot. Launched in September 2015, it’s gathered a good following of sneakerheads who attest to this pair of grey Nike sneakers’ greatness. Know more here:

  • It is built for the cold and rainy weather.
  • The textile and leather upper is accentuated with a spiked toe cap.
  • It’s one of the few grey Nike sneakers that have a Lunarlon sole.

Nike Air Force 1 Low

For grey Nike sneakers, these are men's favorite Nike kicks. Take note that these kicks actually started off being basketball shoes but, with time, it slowly evolved and transitioned into a pair of lifestyle kicks. Below, one can find more info on these grey Nike sneakers:

  • There are a few grey variations for the low top ranging from light grey to dark grey Nike shoes.
  • The Air Technology in the midsole has been one notable feature with the Air Force 1 Low.
  • One can find perforation on the leather upper. These provide ample ventilation.

Nike Tanjun

A fan favorite, the Tanjun is a Japanese term for “simplicity,” and this pair of grey Nike sneakers embodies just that with its simple design that still manages to catch attention. Details can be found below:

  • On the interior of the sneaker is soft fabric.
  • One can notice that the design of the upper fashioned out of a diamond grid mesh.
  • The no-sew upper allows the sneaker to be worn without socks.

Nike Air Max 97 Ultra 17

Upon the release of these grey Nike sneakers, a variety of colors aside from grey was made available. This sneaker has been crafted to have a minimalist vibe to it, slightly different from the classic sporty shoe everyone is used to. Get to know more about it:

  • The Air Max 97 Ultra 17 has a metallic cover that stands out as well as a full-length Air bubble on the sole.
  • Synthetic materials are used for this pair of grey Nike sneakers.
  • There are pull tabs on the tongue and the heel of the shoe for a nice slip-on feel.

Nike Air VaporMax Plus

For this grey pair of kicks, the VaporMax Plus from Nike follows the 1998 Air Max Plus in a sense and has both a retro and modern styling to it. It may look bulky, but when worn, it’s pretty cool to look at. A little info on the VaporMax Plus follows below:

  • An exciting and favorite colorway is the light grey and black pair of these Nike shoes.
  • One can notice the horizontal strips along the center of the shoe made of reflective 3M.

Nike Air Zoom Mariah Flyknit Racer

When it comes to Nike’s black and grey sneakers, the Nike Air Zoom Mariah Flyknit Racer does the colors great justice. Two grey Nike sneakers inspire these kicks; the Zoom Mariah and the Flyknit Racer. The details below are some things to check out:

  • It has the full-length zoom air cushioning technology embedded into it.
  • Flyknit is used for the seamless upper, making it featherweight as well as form fitting.

Nike Shox Gravity

The Nike Shox Gravity grey Nike sneakers are part of the Nike Shox line and gives a nod to the original Shox silhouette. It has a unique factor to it and ups the shoe collection game of anyone who owns it. Read more about it here:

  • The upper is made of mesh material that makes the kicks flexible and breathable.
  • For an eye-catching feature, one cannot miss the multi-colored exposed midsole with pillars.
  • Many color variations such as a red and grey version of these Nike shoes are available.
  • There is also a black and grey women’s version of these Nike shoes.

Nike Dualtone Racer

This pair of grey Nike sneakers is the lightest and most form-fitting shoe that Nike has. It was released on July 6, 2017, and takes inspiration from the track. Still, they built it to be made for the street. Here are more details:

  • Webbed outsoles that are also rubberized add to the grey Nike shoes durability and excellent traction.
  • The upper of the Dualtone Racer is made of a two-tone breathable mesh material.
  • A black suede material and a pull tab with a 3M reflective detailing can be found on the heel tab.

Nike Air Force 1 07

This pair of grey Nike shoes was released in 2007, retaining the classic look to much delight from fans and sneakerheads. With a subtle grey monochromatic colorway and clean silhouette, the appeal of the AF1 07 is elevated. Read on for more:

  • On the toe box, perforations can be seen and provides proper ventilation.
  • The Air Force 1 07’s upper is made of a mixture of leather and textile.

Nike Air Huarache

  • The upper of the Air Huarache is made of a mesh of two materials, neoprene and spandex.
  • Comfy and snug to the fit is what the upper of the footwear provides for the wearer.
  • One can get this in an all grey version, or opt for the grey and blue option of these Nike shoes.
  • The heel of the Air Huarache is a prominent stand out feature because of the size that it has.
  • Both an EVA midsole and Air Sole unit.
  • Flex grooves on the outsole of the grey Nike sneakers help keep things flexible.

Nike Roshe One

Hailed as one of Nike’s most versatile sneakers when it comes to styling, the Roshe Ones have a reputation for either being loved or hated. It’s a toss-up, but it still enjoys a right amount of popularity amongst sneakerheads. Here are some reasons why:

  • The Nike Roshe One was renamed in 2015 but used to be called the Nike Roshe Run.
  • One of the most popular colorways for this model is the wolf grey pair.
  • Its minimalistic design with the comfort it provides are features that many like about it.

Nike Air Max 95

The Nike AM 95 is considered one of Nike’s most innovative shoes, and we agree. It has an eye-catching design that elevates the style of the wearer to new heights. Some of the added aesthetics include the shoe’s tongue with the Airmax logo and the “Nike Air” branding on the heel. Get to know more about it here:

  • It has an exposed heel and an air bubble that can be seen on the forefoot.
  • On the rubber outsole, one can observe a Waffle pattern and flex grooves.
  • The cushioned collar on these grey Nike sneakers gives better support as well as comfort.

Nike Flight Bonafide

The Flight Bonafide is a pair of basketball inspired grey Nike sneakers with a futuristic touch to it. What makes it so enticing? These hints of details do:

  • It has a breathable Flyknit upper with a super thick and plush insole.
  • Air cushioning mixed with the Flyknit makes it very comfy to wear.
  • One can find a zipper on the heel that lets the shoe come on and off quickly.

Significance of grey in clothing

Wearing grey in clothing isn’t unheard of. Lately, the color grey has started to rise in popularity, and more and more people are incorporating it into their everyday outfit. As with all colors, there’s always a significance to it, a meaning behind it. There are the positive notions, then the negative ones. For this section we will focus entirely on the positive symbolism grey brings to an outfit. Here’s what wearing grey clothing and sneakers could mean and symbolize:

  • Modesty
  • Modernism
  • Intelligence
  • Neutrality

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is grey such a popular color for Nike sneakers?

Grey Nike sneakers are all the craze today. It’s a trend in both the interior design and fashion world. Why? It’s just a very simple color that still conveys elegance. Grey is perfect for those who do not like big and loud colors and have more of a heart for neutral tones.

How would one style grey Nike shoes?

What is essential to styling with Nike’s grey sneakers is to break down one’s outfit. Generally, mixing smart pieces with sportswear usually work well with these sneakers. Going tonal with grey kicks is ideal as the color does this very well. There are different styles, designs, and silhouettes that make it great for going casual or formal. All one needs is a sense of style, and they will be good to go!

Where can these casual kicks be bought?

One has the choice to visit either the official Nike shop which can usually be found in major malls all over the world and of course, in heavily frequented areas by shoppers such as Oxford Street in London.

Can one buy these kicks online, too?

Definitely! The beauty of the handy internet is that it also allows one to browse, shop, and buy things to the heart's content at the click of a button. Nike has an official website that lists all its products with filters to better narrow it all down to a specific product. 

Not only that, but major online retail sites also sell a lot of Nike sneakers that can be hard to find in a physical store. All in all, online shopping makes it easy for a lot of sneakerheads all over the world to get a pair of kicks easily.

How does one keep grey shoes from Nike clean?

Proper care and maintenance should always be taken with one’s sneakers to keep it at maximum peak performance and to, of course, have it around for as long as one possibly can. Here are some tips and a general guide on shoe cleaning:

  • Use a soft-bristled brush to remove dirt from various areas of the sneaker.
  • A gentle cleaning solution should be used. Nothing abrasive or harsh.
  • Together, use the brush and solution to clean the upper. Do not be harsh with it and spot clean only if possible.
  • Do not immerse the sneaker in water. Blot off soapy moisture and dirt with a microfiber towel.
  • For laces, wash these separately with the solution.
  • Air dry sneakers and laces. Never put shoes out in the sun to dry.

 Important: Different materials for the upper have different cleaning guidelines.

Are Nike’s grey shoes unisex?

Some of them are unisex, others are made exclusively for men and women. But in this day and age, crossing over to wear either men’s or women’s shoes is pretty normal. In a way, most shoes are, in a sense and depending on the person, unisex.

How do the sneakers from Nike usually fit?

Usually, Nike sneakers fit true to size. Men's grey Nike sneakers have a size range that starts at 3.5 and goes all the way up to 18 US. Meanwhile, women can get choose their sizes from a range of 4 to 12 US. Take note, half sizes are available for men and women.

What is Nike’s current top selling grey sneaker?

For the first Q1 of 2018, the number one selling sneaker for Nike is the budget-friendly Nike Tanjun. Even amongst other competing footwear brands, the Nike Tanjun still reigns supreme.

How can you spot fake Nike sneakers?

The number of fake and counterfeit grey Nike sneakers are numerous and have reached many countries far and wide. Nike has done a lot to try and suppress the fake sneaker market. To avoid buying fakes, research the shoe model in advance. Also, make sure to buy from authorized Nike retails shops as well as retailers. If buying online is more convenient, shop at

How long do a pair of grey Nike sneakers usually last?

When it comes to sneaker longevity, how one wears and uses their sneaker can definitely affect it. If worn casually, a Nike sneaker can last 2 to 3 years. But if it is used for more cutthroat activities, the number of years might be lowered.

When was Nike founded?

Founded in 1964, the Nike brand was formerly called Blue Ribbon Sports (BRS). It was founded by Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman, and the company was initially a distributor for Onitsuka Tiger in the USA. But in 1971, the two parted ways. Bowerman and Knight went on to create their very own line of sneakers which they called Nike.