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Grey Nike basketball shoes

As one of the leading manufacturers of basketball shoes, Nike rarely lacks anything in their repertoire. From high-end shoes co-created with the sport’s top athletes to special editions that celebrate elements of pop culture, the Swoosh makes sure that their customers would want for nothing more.

Included in the brand’s collection is an exquisite array of grey Nike basketball shoes. The color grey can mean a dozen things. While it can be the color of sophistication and timelessness, it can also be a hue that alludes to dullness.

The brand has taken advantage of the color’s versatility to create several different looks for their other products such as soccer boots, football cleats, and even shoes for running. Some of the models available in this colorway are from the brand’s many collaborations with each sport's most notable athletes. 

Grey basketball shoes for Nike and the NBA stars who wear them

Nike partners with several big names in the NBA. A handful of these players have signature shoes with the brand, and all of them release grey variants of their signature sneakers. Paul George even debuted at least two of his PG basketball shoes in grey, due in part to his collaboration with Sony PlayStation. LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant, and even Giannis Antetokounmpo who just started his signature line in 2019 all offer gray versions of their celebrated sneakers. 

Non-signature Nike basketball shoes are also released in grey. In fact, "Cool Grey" is a recurring colorway that gets applied to almost every shoe model that comes out of Nike's factories.