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Grey basketball shoes

When purchasing footwear, most men choose only between black, blue, or grey basketball shoes. They find these colors attractive, easy to match with outfits, and above all masculine. Either in light or dark shades, grey basketball shoes pair well with bright and dull colors. Definitely, not all grey shoes look nice with suits at formal events. Grey footwear is usually seen on courts and the streets.

Grey basketball shoes and the brands that offer them

Grey is practically just a mixture of black and white, and basketball shoes of this color are normally as common as the immensely popular black and white ones. Under Armour is perhaps the top brand when it comes to grey shoes. Almost all their releases, including their celebrated signature sneakers for Stephen Curry, come in grey variants. 

Nike is also fond of releasing basketball shoes in this color. In fact, the colorway called "Cool Grey" is among the most common in their roster. Shoes from the signature collections of LeBron James, Kyrie Irving, and Kevin Durant often have a "Cool Grey" version. The same is true for Adidas basketball shoes, especially the more sought-after signature releases by Damian Lillard and James Harden.

How to get cheap grey basketball shoes?

This is a common question from those who love to get grey basketball shoes but cannot afford the usually high price of newly released models. To get shoes for less, you can wait until there are newer releases. The new basketball shoes will render the models “out of trend,” lowering these shoes’ prices. Promo codes or coupons from online retailers can also help in getting cheap basketball shoes.