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Green Nike Basketball Shoes

The color green is popularly associated with different holidays. Unsurprisingly, Nike releases all-green or predominantly green basketball shoes to celebrate these special occasions. A good example is the "Halloween" version of Kyrie Irving's fourth signature sneakers. LeBron James's basketball shoes are also regularly released in green versions to celebrate St. Patrick's day. 

Besides holidays, green shoes also make strong references to teams such as the Boston Celtics. Signature shoes from Kobe Bryant and Kyrie Irving, for example, are released in Celtics-inspired versions. These are normally worn by Nike's contract athletes in those teams.

Green basketball shoes from Nike: How to get them for less?

It is not surprising that the most notable and storied green basketball shoes come from Nike's celebrated signature lines. The brand's non-signature offers also go through some "greening" treatments. In fact, the "Mint Green" colorway is regularly applied on Nike's shoes not just for basketball but also for running, training, and other sports such as American football and soccer

Non-signature offers are usually cheaper than signature sneakers, but this doesn't mean that they are inferior quality-wise. In fact, some of them are significantly more well-received than the pricier signatures. Hence, getting them is not really "settling for less." It might just be the best purchase decision that you make.