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Wearing sneakers does not only affect our feet or lifestyle. It can also have some social and political flare.

Sneakers have divided and united people throughout the years. Such footwear also empowers people to celebrate and rejoice certain events. The Black History Month, St. Patrick’s Day, and Christmas are just some of the important days that the sneaker culture honors through various colorways.

Gold is among the most commonly used colors. It has been valued by many as a symbol of passion, understanding, wealth, success, wisdom, and prosperity. If based on tradition and culture, gold comes is associated with magic, brilliance, and royalty, especially when paired with purple.

As a metal, gold is considered a treasure. Its physical value increases over time and so does its sentimental value. Gold is turned into jewelry and had been passed from generation to generation as gifts and inheritance.

Gold in Adidas Basketball Shoes

best gold adidas basketball shoes
Best gold Adidas basketball shoes - June 2019

But then, one might wonder: why the color gold in basketball shoes? Take for example James Harden. His Vol. 3 serves as a trophy, especially that the model was released just in time for his MVP win. He currently has a black and gold Adidas basketball shoe with a white forefoot band and white sole. It reminds people of how triumphant his basketball career was when he had this signature model.

When it comes to memories, Damian Lillard’s gold Adidas basketball shoes look back to his lost-and-found childhood Mongoose bike. Other non-signature shoes of Adidas have accents of gold as a contrast to the plain dark hue.

In Style: Gold Basketball Shoes

In early 2018, there had been some analytical reports that basketball shoes are not going to be on demand for the entire year. Analysts state that sneaker fanatics voiced out that they prefer basketball-inspired footwear over actual basketball shoes. They added that it is not about how well these performance sneakers are designed; it is about the on-going and ever-changing fashion trend.

Retail store owners go on to say that gold Adidas basketball shoes are among the non-performance shoes that are sought after. Some categorize these footwear as “Ugly Sneakers.” These are described by fashionistas as “grandpa or daddy shoes” due to its chunky and/or colorful styles. There are particular ones with pointer toes or with straight soles. Readers are certainly in unexplainable disdain while imagining the footwear.

However, this article of clothing is not to be discriminated. With the ever-evolving world of fashion, these ugly sneakers are actually easy to dress up with. One blogger shared his sentiments on how he managed to pull off wearing the bulky and color-blocked sneakers he impulsively bought out of curiosity. We all know curiosity can kill the cat, but this blogger? Nope. There may not be a large selection of clothing that can go well with these aesthetically loud kicks. But with the help of a friend, here are his suggestions for “survival.”

  • Obviously, ankle baring pants are a straight no for men. Even so, those who would love to show off their newly-bought purple and gold Adidas basketball shoes do not mind getting them on and hit the streets. To save money, crop an old pair of jeans. This fashion-forward getup will not last years anyway.
  • See those blue and gold Adidas basketball shoes with gold laces and white soles? Rock them with plain shirts and slim all-white or all-black high-waist pants. These types of outfit gives value to the energetic vibe of the footwear.
  • Honestly, Yeezy’s gold Adidas basketball shoes are terrorizing to most wearers. The wince in the faces of these shoppers are unfathomable. Some of his performance shoes are banned on court because of its metallic gleam. They can hurt the eyes of the audience and television viewers. The NBA will never approve this type of colorful footwear. Even so, any off-court areas are totally fine. Wide-legged crop utility pants are somehow the best match to these sneakers. Do you want to get a fashion approval? Ask Anna Wintour.

There are more ways to embellish gold Adidas basketball shoes. Don’t let the mirror in the hallway block the style. One must wear whatever makes him/her feel good. The tips above are simply one man’s list of possibilities. There are many more as one goes out and see the world.