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  1. Any color
    Giro Code Techlace - Lime Black (GISCOTG)
    Giro Code Techlace - Lime/Black 20 (TECHLACE)
    Giro Code Techlace - Lime Black (70897)
    $300 $240 Save 20%
  2. Any color
    Giro Empire VR90 - Black/Lime (GISEMVB)
    Giro Empire VR90 - Multicolore Blue Jewel Black 000 (CICLISMO)
    Giro Empire VR90 - Black/Black 19 (GISWEMVB)
    Giro Empire VR90 - Iceberg Reflective 19 (GISEMV1B)
    Giro Empire VR90 - Red/Orange Metallic (71108)
    $300 $150 Save 50%
  3. Any color
    Giro Cylinder - Blue/Black (CYLINDER)
    Giro Cylinder - Black (GISCYLHVB)
  4. $110 $55 Save 50%
  5. $300 $150 Save 50%
  6. $100 $50 Save 50%
  7. $375 $158 Save 58%
  8. $100 $55 Save 45%
  9. $200 $114 Save 43%
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buy giro cycling shoes for men and women

Giro cycling shoes 

When it comes to cycling, Giro is one of the most recognized brands in the market. Showcasing a superb range of men’s and women’s cycling shoes, this U.S.-based brand offers something for everyone. 

If you value a brand's reputation for your cycling needs, checking out a pair or two of Giro shoes from our list is recommended.

Buying Giro shoes

It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out or cycling for years, you will find something in Giro’s range of bike shoes. If you love retro-inspired designs, the Giro Empire collection might appeal to you. This range is known for its efficient lace-up bike shoes and recommended to cyclists who love lightweight and breathable cycling shoes.

For individuals who usually ride on pavement or cement surfaces, a pair of Giro road cycling shoes will satisfy this activity's demands. For uneven and rugged rides on the trail, Giro's MTB shoes will provide protection, grip, and enough power transfer.

The company also has a great selection of indoor and cyclocross biking shoes that could become an excellent companion in your different cycling endeavors.

Moreover, Giro cycling shoes are available in clipless (two-bolt SPD or three-bolt Look Delta) and flat outsole designs.

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