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You might be wondering. Are Garmont hiking shoes good?

Backed by 140 years of experience, Garmont is one of the top manufacturers of premium hiking footwear. They are known for their sturdy mountaineering boots that deliver innovative features and functionalities. 

They make shoes for all sorts of outdoor activities, from day hiking to backpacking and alpine trekking. 

What are Garmont hiking shoes made of?

Best Garmont hiking shoes - May 2020

If you’re considering buying Garmont hiking shoes, the first thing you want to know is what goes into each pair. 

Here are the technologies powering Garmont hiking footwear:

Anatomically directed design

Each pair of Garmont shoes is designed in a way that your feet will be able to move naturally and absorb shock. Moreover, they are designed to provide a precise fit by matching the classic asymmetrical features of typical feet. 

For example, Garmont hiking shoes have ankle cuffs that are lower on the outside and taller on the inside for stability and comfort during hikes or scrambles. They also have a roomy toe box to accommodate the natural position of the big toe.

Vibram outsole

Vibram is a world leader in the production of durable rubber outsoles. Most Garmont shoes are equipped with grippy Vibram soles that feature aggressive lugging for enhanced traction on varying surfaces.

Gore-Tex waterproof membrane.

Garmont has partnered with Gore-Tex to create waterproof hiking shoes that are durable and highly protective. Gore-Tex is an engineered fabric that works by keeping moisture out. Different Garmont hiking shoes use different types of Gore-Tex waterproofing systems to match specific weather conditions.

Garmont hiking shoes for men and women: best uses

All Garmont footwear products are great for on-or-off road adventures and everyday use. 

Trail shoes

Garmont trail hikers are lightweight, versatile, and protective. They have Gore-Tex shoes like the Trail Beast that is suitable for urban environments in wet weather, as well as breathable mesh hikers such as the Karakum for outdoor activities in the summer.

Approach shoes

Garmont also makes shoes for climbing tricky and technical terrain. These shoes are great for bouldering, low-grade climbing, and training. The Dragontail LT, for example, is an award-winning shoe designed for technical rock and mixed-terrain approaches, scrambling, and light hiking tours.

In addition to trail and approach shoes, Garmont also sells mountaineering and backpacking boots.

A few tips to help you find the best Garmont hiking shoes

Can’t decide what Garmont hiking shoes are best for you? As the brand has dozens of products in its hiking footwear collection, it can be challenging to determine which model to buy.

Well, not if you know the features you need. 

Here are some tips to find the best Garmont hiking shoes for you:

Carefully check the product details

Different models may be very similar in terms of design and technologies but they surely have one or more distinctive qualities or features. Check if the hiking shoes match the terrain you’d like to use them on.

The material matters

Note that different materials have different effects on the fit, feel, and overall strength and durability of the shoe. For example, if it’s always warm and sunny where you live or if you’re taking your shoes for hikes in the tropics, you’d want a breathable shoe that is ideally made of mesh than leather. 

Make sure it fits

Lastly, make sure that your shoes fit you perfectly. This is crucial to your comfort, balance, and stability on the trail.