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buy five ten climbing shoes for men and women

Five Ten climbing shoes

If well-rounded performance and premium comfort are at the top of your climbing needs, don a pair of Five Ten climbing shoes. Our ever-growing list of high-quality rock kicks is graced by a host of them, giving you a wide array of options to choose from.

But what is an amazing roster of climb-centric offerings without exciting deals? Luckily for you, we got you covered on that front (and more) here at RunRepeat!

A competitive collection 5.10 climbing shoes for men and women

The robust selection of rock shoes from 5.10 can easily overwhelm you. With that, we took it upon ourselves to round up the top picks from this brand for your viewing and shopping pleasure.

Among our aggressive climbing shoes, Five Ten’s bread-and-butter is arguably the Anasazi Pro—a.k.a. the shoe that professional climber Shauna Coxsey co-developed. Then, there is the bouldering champ Aleon, which you may get at a steal price on us.

Great finds also await you from our catalog of entry-level rock shoes. Under this category, 5.10 takes pride in the do-it-all slipper Mocassym.

5.10 rock shoes: A matter of affordability

Five Ten climbing kicks are made with a combination of high-grade materials. As such, they often cost an arm and a leg, with those built for intermediate to advanced use costing anywhere between $150 and $190. On the other hand, their neutral or downturn-less offerings—some of which belong to our list of cheap climbing shoes—sell for $120 or less.

So if you are interested in bagging a pair of high-quality Five Ten shoes, let us help. Through our time-tested partnership with several retailers, you can snag one at a temptingly low price sooner than later.