buy x-wide tennis shoes for men and women

Wide and extra-wide tennis shoes give users enough space for the toes to move and bend naturally while playing. There are hundreds of tennis shoes to choose from for men and women but unfortunately, not all of them are available in an extra-wide option. 

Buying extra-wide tennis shoes from RunRupeat

At RunRepeat, we have a list of wide tennis shoes that are designed either for hard court or all court surfaces. These shoes deliver the much-needed traction and durability for enhanced playing experience. 

New Balance is one of the few brands that offer tennis shoes in wide and extra-wide options. This brand is known for its breathable, comfortable, and lightweight tennis shoes.

If you are unsure if you really need extra-wide footwear and if you need more tips, read this tennis shoe buying guide.

Why shop at RunRepeat?

There are two main reasons why you should shop at RunRepeat - convenience, and deals. At RunRepeat, we will help you find a pair of tennis shoes that are suitable for your playing style and preferences. Don't forget as well to check the deals from more than 200 shops.