buy x-wide hiking boots for men and women

For some individuals, extra wide hiking boots are the ideal footwear option for outdoor adventures.

Some were born with wide feet while there are those whose feet broadened as they aged. Whatever the circumstances may be, this particular type of footgear is built to accommodate that extra width. As a result, a certain portion of the market is catered to, thanks to notable brands that offer extra-wide hiking boots.

Shown below are important details that may help outdoor lovers find a suitable pair of this footgear.

The main advantage of using the best extra wide hiking boots for men and women

Best extra wide hiking boots - May 2020

Getting a pair that fits you is an essential requirement when shopping for new hikers. Extra-wide hiking boots are built to give those with wide feet this benefit. Since they are wider, they help these individuals have a comfortable hike without the fear of pressure points or sustaining an injury.

In comparison, adventurers with wide feet who wear ill-fitting footgear may end their hike on a bad note. They run the risk of injuring their feet or not being able to perform well outdoors. Rather than have a detrimental time outdoors, it’s best for individuals with wide feet to go for this type of footwear.

Understanding width categories that precede extra wide hiking boots

Understanding the terminology being used for shoe width can be confusing at times. Almost all brands use letters to categorize the width of their hiking footwear products. Shown below are these categories.

A and B. These letters are considered narrow width for women and men, respectively.

B and D. These categories are seen as narrow and standard or medium width, respectively, for men's hiking boots. Meanwhile, women’s hikers with this classification are considered medium and wide.

E. Footgear offerings with an E designation are seen as a wide option for men and an extra wide alternative for women. 

4E+. There are instances when these E-width hikers aren’t wide enough. In this case, several brands offer 4E wide hiking boots and 6E wide hiking boots.

How to determine if you need extra wide hiking boots

For those who are going to try a pair in a store, it’s best to walk around in your target boots for a few minutes. Your feet should not feel restricted, and the toes should not hit the front of the footgear. If this is the case, you may want to consider trying extra wide hiking boots on.

Those who are planning to order online should get a piece of paper and a marking tool, like a pencil. Aside from measuring the length of your foot, you also need to determine its width. Get the measurement and match it with the brand’s size guide. This step will help you find out if you require outdoor boots for hiking that are extra-wide in width.

Notable brands that offer the best extra wide width hiking boots for men and women


Hiking boots manufactured by Timberland are generally engineered for day hikes. They employ full-grain leather uppers lined with a Gore-Tex membrane, imbuing them with both durability and waterproofness.

These extra-wide Timberland offerings for individuals with wide feet use ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) midsoles and robust rubber outsoles. The former grants stability while the latter helps users stay surefooted on varied terrain.

New Balance

The best hiking boots from New Balance are often designed for single-day adventures. They employ a lightweight construction that emphasizes water protection and warmth for cold weather conditions. As such, these offerings employ a waterproof laminate and layers of insulation to make these benefits possible.