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Best Ecco Casual Shoes Sneakers
Best Ecco Casual Shoes Sneakers - January 2020

Leaving a mark

In the footwear business of making shoes more fashionable, sometimes even to the point of 

sacrificing comfort, Ecco looked the other way and created shoes with the feet’s comfort and protection in mind.

Ecco founder Karl Toosbuy has been working in the shoe manufacturing business since he was 17; when he decided to open his own brand targeted at individuals who hope to put on comfortable yet durable shoes and Joke was born.

Not only was the first model a hit for the ease of comfort, but the logo was molded into the sole -- which was a first in the industry back then. Since then, Ecco has stamped its mark in the shoe-making trade. 

The company claims to be the only shoe brand that owns and manages every step of the shoe production operation -- from tannery to retail.

Most popular Ecco casual shoes

Having been in the shoe fabrication industry since 1963, the company has refined the processing and manufacturing of fine quality leather. This is something that Ecco is proud of. So it is no wonder that the majority of the models are created from this long-lasting material.

Using the DIP technology coupled with high-grade leather production equates to premium quality products; which makes Ecco shoes a little pricier than the standard price range. But then again, why sacrifice comfort and top-caliber material for cheaper footwear, right?

Top-rated men’s Ecco casual sneakers

Ecco casual kicks are celebrated foremost for the comfort it affords the feet. Another reason is the quality of leather used in every pair of shoes which provides pliability. 

Ecco Cool 2.0 Leather GTX

These low-top sneakers are among the best silhouettes from this company. The Gore-tex feature on this model ensures that a wearer’s feet are ready to brave any elements.

  • Most users are appreciative of the soft padding around the collar and the tongue which provides much-needed comfort.
  • A perforated removable insole gives additional cushioning to the feet.
  • The attached tongue of the Cool 2.0 Leather GTX provides more protection from the debris and water to seep in. 

Ecco Cool 2.0 Textile GTX

A predecessor of the Cool 2.0 Leather GTX. Much like the full-leather version, this shoe also features Gore-tex surround technology which makes it waterproof.

  • Another similar feature from its forerunner is the air channels on the midsole that provides added breathability.
  • The soft leather and polyurethane upper combination offers a more fashionable vibe from the wearer.
  • The one thing that sets the Ecco Cool 2.0 Textile GTX apart from the previous model is the sock-like tongue and heel as one unit. With this feature, one can go sockless.

Ecco Collin Perf Slip On

This Is one of Ecco’s popular models for its classy design. This low-cut slip-on is favored by many for the comfort it affords while looking stylish.

  • Once donning on the pair, the feet stay cool because of the perforated leather upper which provides breathability and freshness.
  • Styling options are endless because of the slip-on silhouette and leather material. 
  • With the available neutral colorways, one can wear the Collin Perf Slip On dressier for the workplace and go straight to the club thereafter.

Ecco Enrico

The Enrico classic sneaker silhouette is well-loved by many shoe fans for its high-fashion appeal. Direct-injected polyurethane outsoles offer great comfort for enduring walks.

  • The removable odor-absorbing insoles provide for added cushioning.
  • With varied upper combinations and uncomplicated color fusion, there is an Enrico for every shoe buyer.

Ecco Light IV

The sturdy design of the Ecco Light IV shoe is favored by many wearers. Various upper materials and an assortment of neutral colorways are among the reasons that make this shoe particularly favorites of constant shoe buyers.

  • The combination of a padded collar and removable inlay sole offer the utmost cushion.

Ecco CS16 Low

The all-leather upper provides for a dressier look. Despite the thick midsole, many users share that the shoe still feels light.

  • The pliable outsole makes wearing these kicks fit a more on-the-go lifestyle.
  • A variety of users appreciate the Comfort Fibre System® leather insole technology that provides optimum comfort.

Popular women’s Ecco casual shoes

When it comes to dressing up, ladies have always been very experimental and playful yet practical. This is something that the shoe manufacturer took into consideration when coming up with various silhouettes, materials, and designs for the women line.

Ecco Bluma Toggle women

This sporty-looking shoe is popular among ladies for its sleekness and comfort. The soft leather and textile upper combination make for a great snug fit.

  • A toggled speed lace paired with a heel pull tab creates the ease of slipping in the shoe.
  • Women appreciate the mesh-like fabric of the Bluma Toggle shoe because it provides supple airflow and ventilation which keeps the feet dry all day.
  • Unique design, comfort, and breathability are what make this kick worth the buck.

Ecco Fara Tie women

A classic women’s sneaker design, the Ecco Fara Tie is praised for its no-fuss look. The all-leather upper adds to the timelessness of the model.

  • Most ladies find the decorated perforation add a touch of playfulness to the overall appearance of this lace-up sneaker.
  • The detailed stitching on the collar not only gives ample support but adds a touch of aesthetic feel.
  • It also doesn’t hurt that the detachable leather-covered footbed offers extra cushion.


Where are Ecco shoes made?

Ecco boasts of 4 tanneries and 6 shoe factories located in various parts of the world ensuring to deliver excellent well-crafted pairs of shoes for every wearer.

These are the countries that exclusively manufacture shoes for the brand:

  • Portugal
  • Vietnam
  • Slovakia

Meanwhile, these countries serve as shoe factories and tanneries as well:

  • Indonesia
  • China
  • Thailand

The only country that exclusively processes leather is:

  • Netherlands

Where can I buy Ecco footwear?

Part of the company’s growth is to reach as many individuals as possible and purchasing a pair or two of Ecco shoes is accessible. 

There are 2,250 Ecco in-store shops located in Europe, North America, Asia, Australia, and New Zealand. Apart from the retail stores, Ecco shoes can be bought from major online retailers as well.

Are they waterproof?

There are selected shoe models that are waterproof. Every pair that features GTX material is waterproof. However, with the fine-tuned DIP technology that Ecco uses, there is a chance that water will not easily soak the feet inside.

Are Ecco lifestyle shoes good for the feet? 

The mission of the company’s founder was to create a footwear fit for the feet -- and comfort was the foremost motivation for this. From thereon, every model was made with comfort and protection as the number one baseline for every design inspiration and having the freedom to wear it without compromises. 

Ensuring to consistently deliver this essential feature to every footwear is constructed on an anatomically precise last based on foot scans of 2,500 pairs of feet.

Does Ecco make wide shoes?

The company’s shoes have a unique fit called Freedom Fit. This means that toes have enough room to wiggle on the front part of the shoe. No need to worry about slipping in and out of it because while it’s roomy on the toe box, the heel and midsole fit well.

How do you care for Ecco sneakers?

The majority of Ecco shoes are made from various leathers. It is recommended to spray on waterproofing protection after cleaning for the preservation of the material. Also, remove the laces before cleaning the entire shoe and wash them separately.

Leather cleaning

Materials needed:

  • Water
  • Mild detergent
  • 2 pcs. clean cloth
  • Waterproof spray

How to:

  1. Mix water and mild detergent mixture in a bowl.
  2. Dip one cloth in the mixture. Dab on the leather part of the shoes. If shoes have suede portions, make sure to avoid it.
  3. Using the dry cloth, wipe the mixture away until all the foamy deposits are removed.
  4. Leave to dry naturally. Do not heat near the radiator as this will alter the quality of the leather such as discoloration and cracking.
  5. Spray waterproofing protection.

How can I style Ecco casual shoes?

There is an Ecco casual shoe fit for anybody’s lifestyle. Whether one uses it daily to work or out to run errands, there is a chance that the feet will stay comfortably snug and comfortable.

Styling for men

  • One can never go wrong with a denim and polo shirt.
  • For slip-ons, a khaki folded at the seams paired with an unbuttoned polo over a shirt mimics that beachy, casual vibes.
  • A pair of shorts and a basic tee is a timeless man’s go-to attire for running errands.

Styling for women

  • Skinny ripped jeans, a plain white shirt, a mocassin vintage tassel bag and an Ecco low-cut is always a no-fail outfit.
  • When planning to do some walking around the city, putting on a pair of cotton shorts, a loose blouse, a fanny pack and a lace-up pair of shoes will make one get to places.