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Just like the running and jumping events of track and field, the throwing meet is also comprised of five matches. These are the discus, hammer throw, javelin, shot put, and weight throw. With this article, the highlight will be on the discus throw. 

The sport of discus throw has been around for quite some time now. Through time, techniques have changed to better throwing performance. The skills tested with this track tournament are power, speed, and excellent spinning. These qualities from the thrower are better utilized with the help of a well-created discus shoe. 

To find the best discus throwing shoe, it is best to know the characteristics that it must possess. To better understand the sport, it is also important to take a quick look at how it was founded, its techniques, and rules. All of these will be discussed in the next few lines. 

Qualities of the best discus shoe

Best discus track and field shoes - May 2020

Snug fit. A tight-yet-comfortable wrap around the foot is what’s meant by snug fit. With this attribute, the removal of the track shoe in the middle of rotational movements is prevented. If this is not addressed, the stability of the thrower might be at stake, leading to injuries. 

Good traction. Again this characteristic is mainly about keeping the stability of the thrower. A firm foot plant disables the possibility of slippage. This is also integral in building the momentum of the contestant before the disc throw. 

Lockdown. Lockdown is fundamental because it keeps the foot secure and pushed down into the platform. Heightened security addresses the issue of premature shoe removal, especially during spins. 

Flat and smooth bottomed. Before throwing the discus, the athlete has to perform several spins to build up momentum. This is where the flat and smooth outsole comes to play. With such configuration, spins are better executed. 

Heavy build. A discus shoe is much heavier than most track and field shoes. This engineering is intended to keep the thrower on the ground especially during the throwing phase. However, it should not employ so much weight that foot movements are constricted. 

Durable. High-strength qualities are always a must when it comes to choosing a pair of discus throwing shoes. This is due to the fact that the friction between the shoe and the ground, especially during rotations, can damage the sole of the shoe.  

Famous discus shoe series

Nike Zoom SD

  • This collection from Nike boasts some of the brand’s most innovative technologies. Durability, support, and security are pronounced because of its componentry. 

Adidas Adizero Discus/Hammer

  • Another acclaimed lineup from Adidas, the Adizero Discus/Hammer allows the athlete to achieve maximum rotational capacity. True to its promise, it sports comfort, lockdown, and traction. 

Asics Hyper Throw

  • Designed for both rotational and glide technique, this collection from Asics promotes an excellent throwing performance. With its fashion, comfort, durability, and flexibility are highlighted. 

Rules regarding the disc throw 

Physical strength and a good pair of reliable track throwing shoes are not the only aspects of the disc throw competition. In order to succeed and win, one should also be familiar with the rules of the discus throw. 

  1. The discus can only be thrown by the contender when he/she is inside the discus throwing zone. It should have a diameter of 2.5 meters. 
  2. During the throw, the contestant is prohibited from touching the top of the rim. However, he/she can make contact with the inner part of the rim. 
  3. The athlete must not touch the ground beyond the throwing area. 
  4. It will be considered a foul throw if the thrower leaves the throwing zone before the disc lands on the ground. 
  5. In the Olympic setting, the candidates are given 8 chances to exhibit their talent in the sport. 
  6. There is a set boundary for the disc landing. Reaching at any point beyond the border makes the throw invalid. 

Frequently asked questions

How do I clean my discus throwing shoe?

In order to maintain the quality of the track shoe, it is important to follow these steps when cleaning one’s disc throw shoe: 

  • Clean with a dry brush. Remove any chunks of dirt before proceeding to wash. 
  • Use a mixture of warm water and laundry detergent. 
  • Remove the sockliner and laces of the throwing shoe. These should be cleaned separately. 
  • Dip a clean sponge on the laundry detergent and water mixture. Use the sponge to clean the shoe. 
  • To rinse the remaining soap, make sure to use another clean sponge. Wet it with water and proceed to wipe off the soap residue. 
  • NEVER put the discus shoe in a dryer. Just let it air dry. 

How much does a discus shoe cost? 

The price of discus track shoe varies from brand to brand. There are those athletic footwear companies that offer cheap discus throwing shoes. These track shoes usually sit within a price range that’s less than $100. An example of this are the Nike Zoom Rival SD 2 and Nike Zoom SD 4. Despite their affordability, these cheaper versions do not sacrifice quality and function.