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Walking shoes for diabetes (A5500)

For individuals with diabetes, getting support for their feet is crucial, as poor footwear can give rise to serious problems.

The A5500 code means that these shoes are podiatrist-recommended. Fortunately, these come in various styles and elements, so finding your ideal pair shouldn’t be too difficult.

Whether you need one for everyday use, travel, or work, this list might have it for you.

Buying shoes for diabetes

Walking is considered one of the most effective exercises for people with diabetes as it helps control sugar. But first, the pair of walking shoes to be used in this endeavor should protect and support a diabetic foot.

A few features prove to be essential in every specialized diabetic shoe. One of them is a wide toe box to accommodate swelling, bunions, and other possible conditions. Cushioned soles are also essential in keeping your feet from getting fatigued quickly.

Shoes that can accommodate customized insoles provide the option to change to your inserts when the standard one just didn’t cut it for you. Lastly, going for pairs with adjustable closures like lace-ups provide the option to loosen when necessary and tighten when more support is needed.

Diabetes walking shoes for less

Since diabetic walking shoes are equipped with special features to provide utmost comfort and support, they are priced higher than regular walking shoes.

However, with our partnership with 200+ retailers, finding the best deal is now possible and made more accessible for you. Check out the cheap diabetic walking shoe section, and you will find pairs with prices under $100.