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buy danner waterproof hiking boots for men and women

If you’re particular about the protection of your feet while you’re on a hike, you should take a look at the benefits offered by Danner waterproof hiking boots. These sturdy trail boots from Danner feature a waterproof membrane to keep your feet dry from various wet conditions. They also come with some of the brand’s technologies to deliver sufficient support, traction, and comfort. When you need these footwear traits for adventures, make Danner’s selection of quality waterproof boots for hikers a consideration.

The two technologies used by men's and women's Danner waterproof hiking boots to keep your feet dry

best danner waterproof hiking boots
Best Danner waterproof hiking boots - December 2019

Keeping your feet protected from wet conditions is a must. Otherwise, you might suffer from blisters. Danner waterproof hiking boots are designed to provide you with this benefit so you can fully enjoy your trip without all the hassles of wet feet. Shown below are the two technologies used by this American footwear manufacturer for their waterproof trail boots.


Gore-Tex is a waterproof and breathable material invented Wilbert Gore and his son Robert in 1969. This membrane is created by heating rods of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) and stretching it. The final result of this process is a material with more than a billion pores per square inch. These pores are small enough to block water droplets from penetrating it. At the same time, this same microporous design is large enough for moisture vapor to pass through. Select Danner waterproof hiking boots are lined with a Gore-Tex membrane to keep the elements out while allowing your feet to breathe.

Danner Dry

This is waterproof membrane by Danner. It is found in some of their trail boots and shoes. It acts as a barrier which prevents water from entering the gear while permitting excess moisture to escape. Danner waterproof hiking boots with this component are crafted to keep your feet dry and cozy for the duration of your trip.

Other benefits offered by the best Danner waterproof hiking boots for men and women


The finest Danner waterproof hiking boots provide sufficient support so you won’t lose balance on the trail. Some of them are equipped with cushy midsoles, removable footbeds, and shanks. These components work as one to grant you with cushioning, rigidity, arch support, and impact reduction over rugged terrain. Moreover, these boots offer ample coverage for your ankles to prevent them from twisting the wrong way while you’re traversing uneven ground conditions.


Danner waterproof hiking boots come with grippy outsoles to better secure your footing. These components are engineered with an aggressive lug pattern that delivers multidirectional grip on most types of surfaces. Some of these outsoles are even equipped with self-cleaning channels which prevent debris buildup for optimal traction.


Danner’s waterproof hiking boots are engineered with an emphasis on durability. Some of these offerings use uppers made of full-grain leather, a material known for its innate resistance to abrasion and the elements. Also, the sole components of these rugged boots for hiking trips are made of robust rubber compounds which can handle constant contact with harsh ground conditions.