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Cushioned walking shoes

In addition to comfort, highly cushioned walking shoes are engineered to provide underfoot protection and customized support. There are also specialized cushioned shoes intended to prevent symptoms of various foot problems.

If you are after walking shoes that can help you stay on your feet longer or help with your ailments, you've come to the right place.

Kinds of cushioned walking shoes

Whether you're looking for footwear for all-day wear or work, there is a suitable cushioned walking pair that will suit your specific needs and style.

Some of the leading companies known for cushioned walking shoes are New BalanceSkechers, and Reebok. You can choose based on a foot condition or based on a purpose. Cushioned walking shoes feature elements to help with ailments such as plantar fasciitis and overpronation.

As for purpose, if you're on your feet for an extended time, then you should check the all-day wear section. If you live in the city or plan to visit sometime, you may find a pair in the city walking shoe category.

How much does a cushioned walk shoe cost?

Cushioned walking shoes are often sold within the range of $70 to $100. But there are more burly designs with more unique features that could cost over $200.

Luckily, here at RunRepeat, you can easily find a discounted pair for as low as $30. This is possible thanks to our partner retailers.