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Converse One Star sneakers

Shadows typically shy away from the light, but not for the lone star that's been tailing after the Chuck Taylors: the Converse One Star. Quite underrated compared to its popular high-top basketball sibling, but the One Star has its own glow and remains one of the most iconic low-top sneakers in the market. 

Given its versatile structure, this former b-ball shoe easily sneaked into the skate scene, underground grunge market, and the urban streetwear community. Nirvana’s Kurt Cobain and legendary skateboarders Guy Mariano and Spike Jonze are just some of those who’ve given the One Star a second life.

Shoot for that One Star 

Suppose you haven't decided yet which suede sneaker to bag up next, tail along with us, and skim through dozens of Converse One Star variations from our listing. Maybe you’ll find one, or two, from these affordably-priced options that are worth owning. If you’re working on those kickflips and board tricks, lightweight skate-specific stars like the CONS One Star Pro Low Top are ready for the picking. If you prefer the lace-free type, there's the slip-on variety, which isn’t only skate-ready but wearable anywhere, too, minus the hassle.

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