Columbia Newton Ridge Plus hiking boots

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  • Collection: Columbia Newton Ridge Plus

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  • Collection: Columbia Newton Ridge Plus
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Columbia Newton Ridge Plus hiking boots

Experience the trail comfortably with leveled up performance in Columbia Newton Ridge Plus hiking boots. Built with long-wearing components, these fantastic kicks will elevate your game through treacherous hikes, whether or not you are a seasoned trail-goer.

Now they may be tougher than most hiking shoes out there, but they are not exempt from RunRepeat’s exclusive deals and promos. Yes, you can get high-quality boots—particularly those from this Columbia collection—at low, low rates on us!

What buyers can expect from Newton Ridge Plus trail boots

Besides the crazy deals we have on them, hiking boots from this lineup are mostly waterproof. Unlike hikers engineered with Gore-Tex, these supportive shoes come built with a seam-sealed construction—making them lighter than most waterproof hiking boots.

If you are looking into expanding your trove of leather hiking boots, these Columbia offerings will not disappoint. That said, most of them are not entirely leather, as their uppers are partly made with mesh for extra breathability.

Columbia Newton Ridge Plus hiking boots: Plus points for affordability

Hikers from this roster are also the ones to beat when it comes to pricing. If you set the price filter between $80 and $100, chances are you will land on this page. Simply put, they school some of the most inexpensive kicks on the market price-wise.

These hiking boots, as budget-friendly as they are, become even more affordable thanks to our 200+ partner retailers. If sticking to your realistic budget is your mantra when shopping for footgear, then feast your eyes on our robust selection of price-competitive hiking boots.