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  1. Cole Haan Grandpro Topspin - Navy Ink Suede (C34230)
  2. Cole Haan Generation Zerogrand - Marine Blue Gray Pinstripe Ch British Tan Ivory (C31403)
  3. Cole Haan Grandsport Trainer - Black/Safety Yellow (C33045)
  4. Cole Haan Grand Crosscourt Sneaker - Navy Tan Ivory (C36925)
  5. Cole Haan Zerogrand Stitchlite Oxford - Blau Marine Blu Ivory Marine Blu Ivory (C24947)
  6. Cole Haan 4.Zerogrand Sneaker - Black/Ivory-black (C34422)
  7. Cole Haan Grand Crosscourt II - Black Leather/Black (C26655)
  8. Cole Haan Grandsport - Vintage Indigo (C31270)
  9. Cole Haan Grandpro Tennis - White (C22584)
  10. Cole Haan Grand Crosscourt Modern - Black (C33977)
  11. Cole Haan Zerogrand All Day Trainer - Black Black Gray Pinstripe Knit Black Optic White Blk Knt Ltr Wht Gr (C29383)
  12. Cole Haan Grandpro Rally Canvas Court Sneaker - Optic White Canvas (C34712)
  13. Cole Haan GrandPro Turf Sneaker - British Tan Tumbled/British Tan Suede (C29166)
  14. Cole Haan Grandpro Rally Canvas Penny Loafer - Ivory Canvas/Natural (C34724)
  15. Cole Haan Grandsport Journey - Blue (C32582)
  16. Cole Haan Original Grand Stitchlite Wing Tip Oxford - Lilac Marble Knit/Blanc De Blanc (W25976)
  17. Cole Haan Grand Crosscourt Premier - Monument Suede (C36140)
  18. Cole Haan Grandpro Deck Slip-On Sneaker - Purple (C30771)
  19. Cole Haan GrandMotion Knit Sneaker - Gray (C26398)
  20. Cole Haan Grandpro Running Sneaker - Black (C27012)
  21. Cole Haan ZEROGRAND Perforated Sneaker - Navy (C21567)
  22. Cole Haan Zerogrand Winner Tennis - Pink Zebra Prntd White Suede White Midsole (W22624)
  23. Cole Haan Nantucket Deck Slip-On Sneaker - Marine Blue Leather Suede (C27536)
  24. Cole Haan Grandpro Deck Sneaker - Beige (W11429)
  25. Cole Haan Grandpro Running Sneaker with Stitchlite - Grey (C27764)
  26. Cole Haan Zerogrand Oxford with Stitchlite Wool - Brown (C30332)
  27. Cole Haan StudioGrand Knit Sneaker - Grey (W05133)