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When athletes and beginners alike find track and field shoes, the price can be one of the top factors in their purchasing decision. That is why a lot of athletic footwear brands offer different track spikes that are budget-friendly but still reliable. For a fact, finding a pair of good quality track and field shoes doesn’t always have to go to the extent of you emptying out your pockets. 

There are misconceptions of cheap track and field shoes being inferior when it comes to quality just because they are priced relatively lower. However, this does not necessarily mean that the quality and features of these track shoes have been compromised. In fact, there are several different models of track spikes that are superior in class at a lower cost. 

In this article, we will help you know the best cheap track and field spikes in the market. Let us delve into the different brands that offer these track shoes and their differing qualities to look out for, as well as some tips on finding a good pair of cheap track and field spikes.  

Brands that offer cheap track and field shoes

Best cheap track and field shoes - May 2020

When looking for your own pair of low-priced track and field spikes, you shouldn’t worry about not having enough choices. Several different well-known brands offer track spikes that are inexpensive yet still feature premium quality and performance. Here are some of them: 


A famous and well-loved American brand in the athletic shoe manufacturing industry, Nike produces some of the best track spikes in the market. When people hear the name Nike, one of their initial thoughts is that the brand is reserved in producing expensive track and field shoes. This is not always the case. Nike, just like other brands, has its own set of cheap track shoes. These even cater to different track and field events such as running, jumping, and throwing. Everyone seems to rave over these cheap Nike track spikes as they are inherently lightweight, supportive, grippy, and durable. One of the brand’s prominent affordable models in the market is the Nike Zoom Rival S 9- a track spike suited for running events.


As reliable quality is embedded deeply in Japanese culture, the same is projected in Asics track and field shoes. This makes Asics yet another trusted athletic footwear brand in the market. Regardless of price, quality still comes first. Asics cheap track and field shoes do not sacrifice durability, superior traction, and security. These are among the notable features of Asics track spikes that contribute to their recognition of being some of the top performance footwear in the market. One of Asics cheap track and field shoes that aid in running events is the Hypersprint 6

New Balance

New Balance is another American multinational corporation involved in the track and field spike manufacturing industry. The brand has been innovating and releasing several different models of track spikes. These are suited for multiple events. The brand does not necessarily charge athletes and purchasers a lot of money in exchange for durable and dependable track spikes. New Balance features some track and field shoes that come at a lower price point. Some of the brand’s distinguishing features are its cheap track spike’s ability to supply stability, security, and speed enhancement. One example of the brand’s cheap track and field shoe is the New Balance SD100 v2.


Saucony is a brand that is renowned worldwide and is a brand that a lot of athletes trust. Given their reputation, Saucony has entered confidently in the track and field shoe manufacturing industry. Although the brand also has expensive track spikes, it also offers different cheap track and field spikes that are lightweight and comfortable. Saucony Spitfire 4 is the perfect embodiment of the qualities mentioned above. Moreover, the configuration of Saucony spikes integrates breathable shoe components and durable materials, especially in the outsole, that help provide great surface grip and traction. Its cheap track shoe caters to the different track and field events of running, jumping, and throwing. 


Remarked as the largest sportswear manufacturer in Europe and second to Nike worldwide, it’s not highly unusual for Adidas to enter the market of track and field footwear. Adidas is another multinational corporation that offers innovative and premium quality track spikes, which is loved by both athletes and purchasers alike. The brand makes sure to cater to all those who want to have access to reliable track and field shoes, that is why it offers cheap track shoes. The brand’s track spikes are known for being comfortable, durable, and responsive—perfecting the formula of optimal performance. One of the brand’s notable cheap track shoes is the Adidas Distancestar

What to look for in a cheap track and field shoe 

Fit. It is a must for a track and field shoe to have an accurate fit. This philosophy also goes along with a cheap track and field shoe. A secure-fitting cheap track spike prevents premature removal during training or competition, which also hinders injuries. 

Lightweight. One element that drives one’s energy conservation is the lightness of the shoe. Cheap running shoes are furnished with lightweight materials. These help athletes further their speed and performance without putting in so much effort. 

Traction. A cheap track spike should employ excellent traction. Traction is a crucial element that prevents the athlete from slipping. More importantly, traction is also an important factor in enhancing one’s speed. 

Breathability. When performing in some track and field events, you want to keep a healthy and fresh foot environment. That is why cheap track and field spikes are equipped with breathable materials. These permit sufficient air circulation into the foot chamber. 

Durability. There are different hazardous and abrasive elements on the various surfaces that track and field athletes tread through. That is why cheap track shoe is supplemented with materials that are sturdy enough to secure its durability. These also help lengthen the life span of one’s cheap track and field shoe. 

Tips on finding cheap track and field shoes 

  • Always look for different reviews online. There are a lot of review sites like RunRepeat, which will help you find the cheap track and field shoe that will suit you best. The reviews included in our website is a collated review from various users, giving you a realistic background of the cheap track spike you are eyeing on. 
  • Go through various retailer websites. In these websites, you might find discounted track shoes or some other cheap track and field shoes that never crossed your mind before. These websites are also helpful as they usually include the features of the spikes, hence, making it more convenient for you when it comes to choosing. 
  • Look for different track shoe models from the previous years. You can find that these models are often discounted already because of the arrival of the newer models. 
  • Go to your local store. In these stores, you can find different offerings of track and field spikes that are marked down. Another bonus from doing so is that you’re not only able to see different models at a lower price, but you also get to examine the model in person. Thus, you can check the quality first hand, as well as making sure that it has a secure and accurate fit. 

Frequently asked questions

Are cheap track and field shoes comfortable to wear? 

Yes. Several track spikes in the market that are graced with sufficient cushioning. Such an element of cheap track and field shoe enables both comfort and support. So, you do not only receive a comfortable track spike, but also stability because of the support it supplies. 

How do I take care of my cheap track and field shoes?

There are several tips and tricks on taking care of your cheap track and field spike. Here are some of them that will help extend the lifespan of your track shoe: 

  • Always remember to remove the chunks of dirt and grime from your track spike before proceeding to wash it. 
  • Use a clean and soft brush in removing some dirt from your track shoe. 
  • Remove the insole and laces of your track and field shoe. You have to clean these separately. 
  • Dampen the track shoe with a clean sponge. 
  • Mix water and a small amount of detergent in a basin. 
  • Get another soft and clean brush. Proceed to clean the track shoe with the use of the brush and the mixture of detergent and water. 
  • When washing off the soap, make sure to use a wet, clean, and soft cloth. You could also just let warm water run through your track shoe. 
  • When drying, do not place your track spike inside a dryer. Allow natural air to dry your track and field spike. 

Always remember to follow these steps, and you won’t have to worry about the quality of your cheap track shoes from degrading. 

Is a cheap track and field shoe reliable to use in competitions? 

Yes. There’s a wide range of options available in the market if you are looking for a reliable cheap track shoe. These cheap track shoes are composed of durable materials that can withstand any condition or hazardous element. They are also equipped with supportive and responsive components that will enable a robust performance.