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    Adidas Nite Jogger - Black (EG2955)
    Adidas Nite Jogger - Black (EF9419)
    Adidas Nite Jogger - Multi (EE5905)
    Adidas Nite Jogger - Collegiate Burgundy/Collegiate Burgundy/Ftwr W (EE5870)
    Adidas Nite Jogger - black (EE6254)
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    Adidas I-5923 - Gold (B27874)
    Adidas I-5923 - Black (BD7525)
    Adidas I-5923 - White (BD7799)
    Adidas I-5923 - Red (D97346)
    Adidas I-5923 - White (BD7812)
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    Adidas POD-S3.1 - Vapour Green/Vapour Green/Grey One (B37368)
    Adidas POD-S3.1 - Grey (CG6121)
    Adidas POD-S3.1 - Multicolore Multicolor 000 (CG5947)
    Adidas POD-S3.1 - Pink (B37364)
    Adidas POD-S3.1 - Black Core Black Core Black Solar Red (B28080)
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buy boost sneakers for men and women

Best Boost Sneakers
Best Boost Sneakers - December 2019

Gone are the days when sneaker cushioning is made of just plain materials. Various brands have come up with ground-breaking cushioning technologies to level up their wearers' experience. Nike engineered the latest React cushioning while Puma presented the Ignite. New Balance also launched the Fresh Foam while Under Armour introduced the Hovr, and Reebok boasts its Hexalite technology. Numerous other brands have also embraced countless approaches to cushioning technologies.

Adidas Boost cushioning

Adidas unveiled the Boost technology in 2013 and undoubtedly considered one of the most popular footwear innovations over the years. This same technology that has kept the runners run fast and comfortable is currently being used in several basketball shoes, football cleats, and even in on-the-go casual sneakers.

Because of its popularity and unmatched comfort and aesthetics, this technology has undergone various evolutions to provide better cushioning while in style. From slip-on to lace-up, from white to multi-colored sneakers, knits, canvas, and even leather kicks, Adidas has innumerable models with Boost tech to choose from.

The Adidas NMD Boost sneakers

Because of its popularity, the NMD has gone through remaking, collaborations, and upgrading all with the ultra-responsive Boost cushion. This silhouette made even more comfortable by using stability plugs on its midsole, which in turn became this model's most remarkable element.

Best rated Adidas NMD Boost variations

  • Adidas NMD_R1. The first model in the NMD series, molded from running footwear that has been tweaked for the lifestyle fashion.
  • Adidas NMD_R1 STLT Primeknit. Features the floating laces, making it one of the most fashionable pairs in the NMD series.
  • Adidas NMD_Racer Primeknit. This model is the descendant of the NMD_Racer that uses the stretchier variation of Primeknit.
  • Adidas NMD_CS2 Primeknit. Adding a new flavor top its predecessor, this model was combined with designs inspired by Japanese minimalism.

The Yeezy Boost shoes

When two fashion giants collide, expect nothing but impressiveness. Since the Kanye joined the Three Stripes, the two have been unstoppable in releasing out of this world, fashion-forward, and hyped sneaker silhouettes. Most of these sneakers use the Boost cushioning to not just excel in style but also comfort.

Best rated Yeezy Boost variations

  • Adidas Yeezy 350 Boost V2. Fifth to be released in the Yeezy collection, this model was unveiled in June 2017.
  • Adidas Yeezy 350 Boost V2 Zebra. This black and white striped footwear is considered one of the most hyped footwear in the recent market.
  • Adidas Yeezy Boost 700. Although the cushioning of this dad sneaker is considered less pillowy than the other Yeezy models, it still garnered popularity for its striking look and style.

The Adidas EQT Support silhouettes

Only the essentials, and nothing that is not. Adidas brags the EQT series that aims to deliver pure purpose to its wearers by shedding off all the fancy details. Like most Adidas kicks, this line was updated with Boost cushioning to provide better comfort to the contemporary users.

Best rated Adidas EQT Support Boost sneakers

The Adidas classics with Boost cushioning

To keep up with the taxing competition in the sneaker world, Adidas refurbished a few of its most popular silhouettes with Boost cushioning. The brand aims to reintroduce the classics while improving its comfort without altering the fancied timeless appeal.

Classic silhouettes with Boost cushioning

  • Adidas Stan Smith Boost Primeknit. This model combines the classic look of the admired Stan Smith tennis shoes with modern technologies - Primeknit upper and Boost cushioning.
  • Adidas Superstar Boost. The iconic Adidas Superstar silhouette has been modernized with Boost tech on its midfoot.
  • Adidas Samba RM. Adding a modern touch to the classic indoor soccer footwear, this shoe has kept its timeless appeal but with better comfort.
  • Adidas Rivalry RM. To continue to modernize their classic silhouettes, Adidas revamped the vintage basketball with the ultra-responsive Boost tech.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Boost technology in sneakers?

The Adidas Boost technology is made of solid granules of TPU that has been blown up to create minute energy capsules. This heat-resistant material delivers superb durability, better than the conventional EVA midsole. 

With its exceptional construction, Boost technology smoothly provides soft and lightweight cushioning for an effective energy return with every stride. As a result, this ultra-responsive and soft cushioning effectively absorbs shock, provides comfort, and brings lightweight strides to all its wearers.

What is the usual price of Boost Sneakers?

The prices of Boost sneakers from Adidas depends on the model and collaborations. Referring to the official site of Adidas, the usual price range of Adidas Boost sneakers runs from $100 to as high as $420. Meanwhile, the Yeezy Boost sneakers are considered the most expensive Boost kick, which has a whopping price tag of $350, which can be resold as high as $1,500.

How to Clean Boost sneakers from Adidas?

Digging through various websites, there are countless tips on how to keep sneakers in tip-top shape. Here are a few of our essential advice on keeping casual kicks clean and presentable:

  • Take off any visible dirt. Knock the soles of the shoes together and use a soft brush to remove the remaining dirt.
  • Remove the laces and insole and dump it inside the washing machine or simply soak them with lukewarm water and mild soap.
  • Using lukewarm water and mild detergent, mildly wipe the stain away on the upper and midsole using a clean washcloth.
  • To clean the Boost midsole, use a washcloth or soft brush dipped in lukewarm water with soap.
  • Remove the excess water and soap by wiping the shoe with a damp washcloth.
  • For canvas sneakers, stuff the sneaker with paper or dry cloth. It is highly advised to air dry and avoid direct sunlight when drying the sneaker.
  • For suede Boost sneakers, washcloth dipped in white vinegar or alcohol may be used to scrub the trouble spot.

How to tell fake Yeezy Boost sneakers?

Considered one of the most sought-after silhouettes in the market in limited numbers, the Yeezy Boost sneakers are one of the common brands reported to the Action Fraud. To avoid buying fake Yeezy, it is highly advised to purchase only from authorized retailers, which surely carry authentic products.

But if there are certain unavoidable circumstances, buying from other retailers must be done with meticulous eyes. There are several groups online that are trained to spot fake Yeezys. Here are some of their tips on how to discern counterfeit Yeezy Boost shoes:

  • Materials. An authentic pair of Yeezy has more laborious and more durable materials used.
  • Color. It is hard to copy the exact colorway if authentic materials are not used.
  • Box. The serial number found on the box must match the numbers found on the tag and label. Also, the overall look of the box looks clean and untainted with the authentic Yeezys.
  • Waves. The wave patterns on the Primeknit upper are irregular and sideways as opposed to the fake pairs, which are usually printed from top to bottom.
  • Heel Details. The heel tab must be stitched 1 centimeter away from the heel. Most fake pairs are stitched a lot farther, creating a wider gap between the tab and the collar.
  • Insoles. The insole must be removable and has a logo and branding in grey-tone.

How to style Adidas Boost shoes?

When footwear companies deliver innovative technologies on their cushioning, the overall style is usually compromised. While this is true for many brands, Adidas Boost took a different path.

With the futuristic and versatile look of Boost, there are various ways to style it:

  • All-white Boost sneakers look excellent when paired with distressed denim jeans and a white t-shirt. Some would finish the laidback casual attire with a bomber or university jacket.
  • Light-colored chinos and plaid button-down also works well with Boost kicks.
  • Some gents strut their Adidas Boost shoes with ankle-high distressed pants to fully flaunt their sporty and luxurious footwear.
  • Monochromatic tracksuit for men and women also looks groovy when finished off with sporty Boost footwear.
  • For ladies, skinnies or leggings can be matched up with oversized hoodies and Adidas Boost footwear.

Where can I buy Adidas Boost sneakers?

Boost sneakers are almost always available in the market. Visiting the Adidas' official website and stores, buyers may find a wide range of footwear with Boost technology under various categories - running, basketball, golf, outdoor, soccer, tennis, volleyball, and baseball.

Few other popular retailers also sell Adidas Boost kick in an extensive range of collections, which will give its visitors ample options to choose from. For more effortless online shoe hunting experience, visiting the Runrepeat site is highly recommended as we have collated reviews from numerous reviewers to help our visitors decide which pair to purchase.

Why are Yeezy Boost sneakers so expensive?

Yeezy Boost sneakers are found on the pricey range simply because of its limited quantity available in the market. The brand offers the Yeezy in a minimal number plus the hard selling tactic of Kanye and all his followers, thus making this collection one of the most sought after pairs in the market.