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  1. PUMA Suede Classic+ - Olympian Blue White (35263464)
    PUMA Suede Classic+ - Olympian Blue White (35263464)
    PUMA Suede Classic+ - Blau Peacoat White (35656851)
    $65 $33 Save 49%
  2. PUMA Suede Classic - Blue (39034101)
    PUMA Suede Classic - Blue (39034101)
    PUMA Suede Classic - Blue (38953401)
    $70 $50 Save 29%
  3. PUMA Smash v2 - BLUE (36498904)
    Any color
    PUMA Smash v2 - BLUE (36498904)
    PUMA Smash v2 - Blue (36498970)
    PUMA Smash v2 - Peacoat Puma Team Gold Whisper White (36498924)
    $55 $33 Save 40%
  4. PUMA RS-X - Blau (38856201)
  5. PUMA Future Rider - Blue (38298301)
    $80 $65 Save 19%
  6. PUMA Mirage Sport - Pristine/Putty/Bamboo (38336701)
    $110 $55 Save 50%
  7. PUMA Rebound LayUp - Periscope-periscope-puma Black (38127704)
    $65 $44 Save 32%
  8. PUMA Pacer Future - Blue (38238001)
    $70 $40 Save 43%
  9. PUMA Blaze of Glory - Pristine-bamboo (38402401)
    $110 $47 Save 57%
  10. PUMA RS-Fast - Vallarta Blue/Firelight/Mineral Blue (38579601)
    $110 $80 Save 27%
  11. PUMA City Rider - Peacoat Puma White (38370301)
    $80 $56 Save 30%
  12. Puma Rider FV - Blue Wash Blazing Blue (38767206)
    $90 $80 Save 11%
  13. PUMA Suede Classic XXI - Blue (37491504)
  14. PUMA Graviton - Blue Wash Puma White Island Pink Carnation Pink (38073802)

    No offers available

  15. PUMA Roma - Blue (38806001)
  16. PUMA Easy Rider - Blue (38102605)

    No offers available

  17. PUMA Astro Kick - Peacoat/White/Team Gold (36911503)
    $60 $37 Save 38%
  18. PUMA R78 - Azul Palace Blue Puma Black Puma White (37311705)

    No offers available

  19. PUMA H.ST.20 - Blue (19306914)
    $85 $60 Save 29%
  20. PUMA Mirage Tech - Blue (38167303)

    No offers available

  21. PUMA CELL Venom - Peacoat-light Sky (37041601)
    $110 $40 Save 64%
  22. PUMA GV Special - Blue (34356970)

    No offers available

  23. PUMA Bari Slip-On - Island/Pink/Sunset/Pink (38462904)

    No offers available

  24. PUMA Mirage Sport Remix - Nimbus Cloud Da (38105102)

    No offers available

  25. PUMA C-Rey - Blue (38288009)
    $60 $50 Save 17%
  26. PUMA Wired - Peacoat-peacoat-puma White (36697002)
    $90 $37 Save 59%
  27. PUMA Rebound Future Evo - Parisian Night/Nimbus Cloud/Spectra Green/Puma White (37489907)

    No offers available

  28. PUMA C-Skate - Peacoat-peacoat-gray Violet (37302910)

    No offers available

  29. PUMA Speedcat OG Sparco - Bleu Marine (30717106)
    $100 $70 Save 30%
  30. PUMA Future Rider Play On - Blue Atoll Deep Aqua (37114982)
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Blue PUMA Sneakers

Best Blue PUMA Sneakers - September 2019

Blue is among the primary colors that lie between the green and violet on the spectrum of visible light. The shade of blue is also often associated with a clear sky and bodies of water. Concerning the psyche, it is known to have a calming effect. Therefore, most often than not, people favor this shade since it is associated with good things.

The blue color is often used in shirts, apparel, pants, accessories, and footwear, among others, by several known brands such as PUMA. As a matter of fact, PUMA has launched a variety of blue PUMA sneakers in different designs throughout the years.

Blue PUMA shoes are stylishly created which are appreciated by both men and women of different generations. But of course, a myriad of fashionable and comfortable PUMA sneakers is also available in other colors such as black, white, red, yellow, orange, green, brown, grey, purple and pink. Let me share some of the iconic blue PUMA shoes below:

Some of the popular men’s blue PUMA shoes

Low Tops


PUMA Suede Classic – Originally released in 1968, the PUMA Suede Classic is available in a variety of colorways. This iteration is among the blue PUMA sneakers that possessed a classic look and undergone enhancement since inception. With a budget-friendly rate, this shoe has a sporty vibe that is appreciated by both young and old. Among its features are:

  • It has a stylish suede upper with perforations that deliver breathability and comfort.
  • It has a cushioned collar that gives added comfort.
  • The lace-up closure on the narrow suede tooling gives a secured lockdown and adjustable fit.


PUMA Roma – Available in a variety of colorways, the Roma was a lightweight shoe from the PUMA Archive in 1968. It is an excellent choice if someone is eyeing for a pair of dark blue PUMA shoes that both comfortable and stylish. Among the features of this sport-turned-street style sneaker are:

  • It has a synthetic leather upper that not only provides a clean look but also offers a comfortable feel.
  • The toe and heel areas are strengthened.
  • The midsole is equipped with the EVA material for perfect cushioning.
  • It has a rubber outsole with a special tread pattern for reliable traction.
  • It features a cushioned tongue as well as orthopedic arch supports for enhanced comfort.


PUMA GV Special – This iteration was born when the Argentine playboy and tennis player Guillermo Villas paired with PUMA to create and launch a line of tennis footwear that matched his winning style. Villas was known for his smashing good looks and one-handed backhand back in the late 1970s. Looking for a nice pair of blue PUMA sneakers? Check out some of the features of the PUMA GV Special below:

  • With a low-top silhouette, it has a leather upper with perforations at the forefoot that provides sufficient breathability, keeping the foot fresh and healthy.
  • The midsole is cushioned for added comfort.
  • It has the PUMA Cat logo at the heel, PUMA callout at the lateral side and PUMA Formstrip at medial and lateral sides.
  • It has a rubber outsole that delivers a superior grip.

PUMA Smash Buck – With a fresh look from the classic court shoes, the PUMA Smash Nubuck which pays tribute to its roots is perfect not only as part of your streetwear style outfit but also for long-hour play. Among its features are:

  • It has the T-toe construction.
  • With a lace-up closure, it provides a snug and adjustable fit.
  • The upper is made of nubuck leather material.
  • It has a cushioned midsole that provides a comfortable experience.
  • The rubber outsole with herringbone pattern offers reliable traction.

Mid Tops


PUMA Tsugi Jun – The Tsugi Jun is an iteration is from the ground-breaking update of the Tsugi Shinsei that delivers comfort and style. If you are looking for blue PUMA sneakers, you can check out some of its options below:

  • It has a side lacing system that offers a snug fit but also an added appealing style.
  • With a slip-on construction, it has a tonal knitted textile upper for comfort and breathability.
  • The injection-molded EVA midsole gives a lightweight performance.
  • It has pull tabs at the tongue and heel areas to help foot quickly on and off the shoe.
  • It has an elastic gore at the heel with the PUMA brand that provides added support.
  • It utilizes the full-length IGNITE Foam drop-in for superior energy return.

High Tops


PUMA Sky II Hi Core – With a high-top silhouette, the Sky II Hi Core features a classic design that transforms into street-ready footwear appreciated by sneakerheads. You can check out this iteration if you are looking for all blue PUMA sneakers. Among its features are:

  • It has a full-grain leather upper that is accented by textile trims, offering comfort during a cold day. It also has ventilation on the forefoot for foot breathability.
  • It has a sturdy rubber outsole with flex grooves for an efficient stride.
  • It utilizes the injected PU WebCage overlays for support and lightweight flexibility.
  • For optimum fit and comfort, the breathable Eco-Ortholite sockliner is installed.
  • It features an EVA midsole that delivers optimal cushioning, durability and responsiveness.
  • For structured cushioning and impact protection, the WebTech flexible TPU heel wrap is utilized.
  • It has an external web heel counter that offers support.

Some of the notable women’s blue PUMA shoes

Low Tops


PUMA Tsugi Shinsei– Inspired by the Japanese architecture, the Tsugi Shinsei has a progressive design that can face whatever challenges that come next. If you are eyeing for a pair of blue PUMA sneakers that is ready to bring you to the next level of the game, check out some the features of the Tsugi Shinsei below:

  • It utilizes the Ignite Foam midsole for superb energy return.
  • With a knitted mesh upper, it has a sock construction for form-fitting comfort and lightweight support.
  • The unique side panel lacing system with metal eyelets offers a perfect fit.
  • It utilizes a rubber outsole with razor edges that provides a sure-footed grip.
  • It has leather side panels.
  • It has a futuristic shield vamp and the elasticated PUMA heel wrap. 


PUMA Dare AC – Inspired by sport but with an on-trend and sleek look, the low-top Dare AC is designed to comfort the women’s foot while keeping them stylish. If you are looking for blue PUMA sneakers that offer both performance and style, the Dare AC is a good choice. Among its features are:

  • It has a midfoot strap and hook-and-loop closure for a snug fit.
  • It has a sock construction that gives an athletic look.
  • To keep the foot fresh, the SoftFoam comfort insert is installed.
  • It has a durable rubber outsole for a steady grip.                                                                                                                              

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are some of the great dark blue PUMA shoes?

Among the dark blue PUMA shoes that buyers can check out are PUMA Suede Black Sole and PUMA Basket Heart DE.

Q: What are the stylish and all-blue PUMA shoes that buyers can choose from?

Some of the blue PUMA sneakers that purchasers can check out are PUMA Breaker Mesh and PUMA Roma Ano.

Q: What are some of the amazing collaborations that PUMA has?

Among the amazing collaborative works are:  Puma Fenty Avid which comes with a mid-top profile and the PUMA x Fenty Chelsea Sneaker Boot with a high-top silhouette.

Q: Who owns the PUMA brand now?

Currently, PUMA is now a subsidiary of Kering S.A. It is an international luxury group which is based in Paris, France. Apart from PUMA, Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent, and Bottega Veneta, among others, are subsidiaries of the Kering which was founded by Francois Pinault in 1963. 

Q: How can we tell if a pair of blue PUMA sneakers is fake?

Here are some of the things you need to remember to know whether the PUMA shoe is fake or not:

  • The shoe’s price is too good to be true. Authentic PUMA shoes are not supposed to come cheap.
  • Original PUMA sneakers have the “Official Licensed FI Products” on the tongue label.
  • The logo is present on the top of the heel and at the sole. Fake PUMA shoes usually poorly bonded and misaligned to the sole or both.
  • Check the right range of colorways at PUMA’s official website.

Q: What are some of the best blue PUMA sneakers with a chunky outsole that women can stylishly wear?

Among the platform sneakers that PUMA can offer in the blue colorway are:

  • PUMA Vikky Platform Ribbon
  • PUMA Basket Platform Patent
  • PUMA Suede Platform Core

Q: How to properly care for PUMA blue sneakers?

Among the things you need to remember to take care of your PUMA footwear properly are:

  • Use your PUMA sneakers only for the intended purpose.
  • As soon as the shoe is exposed to mud or dirt, clean them immediately.
  • Remove the footbed and air dry the shoe.
  • To help retain the shoe’s shape, pack them with crumpled newspaper.
  • Never machine-dry nor machine-wash your PUMA sneakers.
  • Keep your blue PUMA sneakers away from extreme heat such as dryers, radiators or space heaters.

Q: What are some PUMA Basket iterations that are available in blue?

For ladies who want to have a nice pair of blue PUMA Basket sneakers, they can check out some of the following iterations:

  • PUMA Basket Bow
  • PUMA Basket Maze
  • PUMA Basket Heart Denim
  • PUMA Basket Platform Reset

Q: How do you clean PUMA shoes?

Check out the instruction on how to carefully clean your PUMA shoes in blue or other colorways:

  • Leather – Dampened a soft cloth with cold water and mild soap. Do not soak or immerse in water.
  • Canvas & Nylon – Dampened a soft cloth with mild soap and cold water and gently scrub it to the upper. Never use bleach or other harsh cleaning agents. Air dry your PUMA sneakers.
  • Nubuck & Suede – Only use a brush that is specifically designed for suede and nubuck to ensure shoe’s outside surface is clean.
  • Synthetic leather – Use a brush with soft bristles to gently scrub the upper using the cold water and mild soap. Air dry.

Q: What are the low-top PUMA sneakers that come in a light blue colorway?

Some of the sophisticated shoes that ladies can choose from are:

  • PUMA x Sophia Webster Suede
  • PUMA Suede Bow
  • PUMA Suede Heart Reset

 Q: How to specifically clean suede Pumas?

Below are the steps by steps instruction on how to properly clean suede shoes from Puma:

  • Using an unscented baby wipe, wipe the suede upper to remove light build-up.
  • Dampened a soft cloth with warm water to wipe and remove stickier build-up over the suede upper.
  • Use a damp cloth and spray it with a mist of suede cleaner to wipe the shoes.
  • Air dry the PUMA suede shoes. Then, brush it with a suede brush following the suede direction.

Q: What are some of the suede sneakers from PUMA that has taken inspiration from the basketball heritage?

Among the notable suede sneakers are: PUMA Suede Platform, PUMA Suede Varsity, and PUMA Suede Classic Shine.