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    Footjoy Flex XP - Blue (56252)
    Footjoy Flex XP - Blue (56268)
    $110 $90 Save 18%
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    Footjoy Fury - Blue Azul Navy Blanco 51101m (51101)
    $170 $60 Save 65%
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Blue golf shoes

Fashion is regarded as essential in golf. Unlike running footwear, tennis shoes, and sneakers, golf shoes are more conservative with colors. To stay on the neutral spectrum, most golf shoes are in shades of blacks and whites. If there’s a colorway that is welcomed by the community, it is blue. 

Collection of blue golf shoes

If you want to welcome some color into your wardrobe without going all out, blue is great to help you quickly ease in. There are many pieces available, all modernly-styled yet packed with technologies. 

Each brand has incorporated blue in their collection that choosing one to fit your liking shouldn’t be hard. There’s also no need for spiked and spikeless competition because both of them are available. Brands like Footjoy, Nike, and Puma are all offering them. You can also choose different levels of moisture protection, from water-repellent, water-resistant, and waterproof. Some of the Ecco pieces utilize Gore-Tex technology to keep the foot dry yet breathable.  

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