Black Under Armour basketball shoes

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Black Under Armour basketball shoes

As a brand that has already made it big when it comes to athletic shirts and other apparel, Under Armour truly has a knack for innovation. From innovating with moisture-wicking fabrics, the brand has since expanded into basketball shoe design and production. Competition with sports giants like Nike and Adidas pushes UA to uphold high-quality standards. To make their presence even more felt, they partner with top athletes in the industry like Stephen Curry.

Even with all the ruckus about basketball shoe technology, style, or fashion sense has never been sidelined by this American brand. One of the crowd favorites is the brand’s collection of black Under Armour basketball shoes.  

Black UA basketball shoes: Why the popularity?

Like white shoes, black hooping sneakers from UA are sought-after because of their universal appeal. They are so easy to pair with any outfit, so even the least fashion-conscious can enjoy them. The color black also alludes to power and class, so wearers of it tend to appear more formal or respectable when wearing it. 

Of course, black basketball shoes from Under Armour don’t just slay in the looks department. As mentioned, technological innovation has been one of the UA brand’s strengths. So a fashionable basketball player doesn't really have to worry that his black UA basketball shoes will let him down on the court.